Thoughts About Feelings (VIDEOS)

Last Updated: March 11, 2021

Inside-Out Understanding: 3-Minute Guides

Introducing more thoughts about feelings (a la The 3 Principles).

Each 3-minute video guide will attempt to help you with questions like: What do I do about THIS feeling? What should I think about it? What does it mean? (Quick answer: you don’t need to do anything or think anything, and it just means you’re human.)

Inspirational quote about thoughts and feelings


Introduction: Thoughts About Feelings

Welcome to more quick guides to you, me and everyone – via the Inside Out understanding of the human experience. Videos, quotes and (hopefully!) wise words about some of the many and varied thoughts and feelings we get to experience.

Yes, for no reason other than it occurred for me to do so a little while back, I’ve decided to record a short video per day (more or less) in the month of October (2015). And these videos will attempt to do the following, via the presence and wisdom that comes to me in the moment:

  • Discuss thoughts about a specific feeling (e.g. Overwhelm, Hopelessness and even Enthusiasm) – a personal perspective, perhaps
  • Illustrate the benefits of deepening an Inside Out understanding of our thoughts and feelings
  • Help you understand that all feelings are normal – even those that are hard to be with, hard to bear – and nothing is wrong (simply act on the good feelings, and let the bad ones pass).


Thoughts About Feelings – The Inside Out Understanding

Essentially, the Inside Out understanding of the human experience – as advocated by Syd Banks in the 1970s – merely states that we are living in the feeling of our thinking, not the feeling of our circumstances. (Well, there is a bit more to it than that, as you’ll start to see here: About The Three Principles.)

Which basically means circumstances don’t give you feelings, your thoughts about them do.

(And your thoughts can change about the same circumstance – ever noticed that?)

So, as thoughts are just thoughts – thoughts can change, anytime! – we can simply learn to be with all our thoughts, and all our feelings. Thoughts are neutral. As are feelings. We just happen to like some more than others.

Or, as Sydney Banks more wisely put it:

If the only thing people learned was not to be afraid of their experience, that alone would change the world.

Well, that’s what I shall be attempting to assist in, via these upcoming ‘thoughts about feelings’ pages – to help you be less afraid of your experience (whether it be a wonderful experience or a dreadful one).

Funnily enough, this is the basis of my coaching offer too.


Thoughts About Feelings – Video

Here’s what I was inspired to share in an introductory video that I recorded in October, 2015:

More 3 Minute Heroes Introduction - Thoughts About Feelings




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