Video: About Feeling Enthusiastic

“God within? Or, YOU unfiltered?”


This page will attempt to help you with questions like: What do I do about feeling enthusiastic? And how do I hold onto it? (Quick answers: to feel enthusiasm is to feel the “God within”, to be yourself in full flow. So cultivate, exploit and share!…)

Another three minute guide to a common thought/feeling (a la The 3 Principles).

Inspirational quote about feeling enthusiastic


My Thoughts About Feeling Enthusiastic

I love feeling enthusiastic! Whether it’s for the reasons I talk about in the video (below) – a wonderful piece of music that speaks to my soul, somehow; deeply connecting with myself; or taking “right action” – or for any other reason I might feel enthusiastic, I love it.

At times of feeling enthused I am not thinking too much, I’m certainly not worrying, and ‘the moment I’m experiencing’ really is welcomed.

Chances are you love your enthusiasm too. Even if you’ve never given it that much thought, before now (don’t think I did before I recorded the video, and started to write this feeling enthusiastic page).

Maybe you think of enthusiasm as something else, as one of these forms:

  • Eagerness, Excitement, Passion


  • Thrilled, Stimulated, Awakened

Whatever the words you use for feeling enthusiastic it’s clearly a feeling where you are giving your best, when you are Being You, when you most come alive.

Don’t you think?

What do you think?

What might make you feel enthusiastic?

  • Could it be “living your values”, as it is with me?
  • Or could it be as ‘mundane’ as eating a wonderful meal, visiting a favourite city, or even spending quality time alone?
  • What makes you come alive, do you think? (I’m interested, do tell!)


About Feeling Enthusiastic – The Inside-Out Understanding

In the video (below) I talk about enthusiasm deriving from the Greek words En Theos, or “God Within”. And, notwithstanding the many differing meanings people give to the word, ‘God’, I still stand by this definition; it makes sense to me.

But another way of describing “God, Within” could be: You, unfiltered. (The Real You unfiltered by the ego you.)

Yes, your enthusiasm is you feeling what it’s like to truly be yourself – a self that thinks (and acts on that thinking), but doesn’t get ‘dragged down’ by that thinking.

And being you, unfiltered – it encourages others to be ‘them, unfiltered’, too. Yes, enthusiasm is contagious, just like love is, and laughter and smiling. Enthusiasm is our true nature, see, is who we are when we stop thinking about who we’re meant to be.

Does this make sense to you? (Remember, these are just words. My words. And your feelings should be trusted above all else.)


‘Thoughts About Feelings’ – My Enthusiasm in Action

Anyway, I’ve finished – hurrah! (Or, Yabba Dabba Doooo!) With these final words I’ve finished my project of writing posts and recording videos on 20 very human feelings. And it feels good, to do so, feels good to act with enthusiasm. (That’s how I knew to put this idea I had into action, by the way, I had enthusiasm for it – the original idea stimulated ideas on the form the posts/videos would take; ideas came easily; the original idea stimulated me!)

How ’bout you? Have you enjoyed reading these posts, watching my videos? (Have you checked them all out?) Which spoke to you the most? I’d love to hear, I really would!

One of the reasons it felt like a good idea to create these thoughts about feelings pagesand to do so with enthusiasm – was that it felt like a great way to highlight the benefits of transformative coaching.


About Feeling Enthusiastic – Video

Here’s what I was inspired to share in a video I recorded in October, 2015:

Thoughts About Feeling Enthusiastic - More 3 Minute Heroes





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