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Daily Reminders of the Inside-Out Understanding?

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The Daily Reset (newsletter/e-zine) is an invitation for you to remember the 3 Principles (inside-out) understanding (that describes how life works, from the Inside-Out), to return to yourself, and for you to take advantage of the moment-by-moment opportunity to… reset. (One thought away!)

A daily reminding of Who You Truly Are – an invitation to stop struggling and start thriving.

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Daily Reset feedback: I appreciate it’s brevity and always diverse and interesting [resources] if I want more. Then if I choose more depth, I can read one of your excellent [blog posts].”
– Janelle Howard (Jan, 2018)

“I just wanted to say thank you for the Daily Reset’s. They remind me of what the 3P’s are about. You have done an amazing job with them.”
– Jan Marchant (Aug, 2020)

“A long time after first discovering them I was looking for more input on Syd Banks’ three principles. Your daily reminders are helpful for keeping them in mind 😊”
– Wim van Grinsven (Jan, 2019)

“I know that when I see you name pop up in my inbox (on my PC or phone) your email is one of the only ones I will straight away open and read without question.”
– Marg Hansen (Aug, 2020)


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The Daily Reset changes every day. A combination of weekday email reminders with a link to return you here. (Honestly, I created this for myself but thought others might find it useful, too.)

Example Daily Reset Email:

Example Email – 3 Principles Cliches. (Clicking “Daily Reset” link returns you to this page.)

(*) NOTE:

  1. I’ll send you 100+ daily weekday emails (The Daily Reset), then send you about 53 emails every Monday (The Random Reset), then I’ll send you 12 monthly emails (Monthly Reset).
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