Three Principles Understanding

What Have The 3 Principles Ever Done For Us?

It was Sydney Banks who first formulated The Three Principles understanding in the early 70s, after a profound ‘enlightenment experience’. (Or so I’m told, I wasn’t there.)

It’s 2017, at time of writing, and this understanding – which also goes by the name of the Inside-Out understanding, Innate Health, Health Realization (and others I’m sure) – is slowly and not-so-slowly making a real, positive impact on the world (and on the human beings that live there)…

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What Have The 3 Principles ‘Done’? Please Read On…

Yes, this page of mine aims to shine the smallest of lights on just how the three principles understanding is changing the world, one human being at a time. Namely, it will share with you what “the three principles understanding” have given us:

  • 5 differences this understanding makes to being human (and at least 20 areas of being human it can impact)
  • 3 definitive websites about the three principles to keep learning more
  • 5 best-selling books about the three principles that you can read today

It will also share, perhaps controversially:

  • 3 OTHER solutions to “world peace”, lest you be interested

As for a description of what the 3 Principles are, let me assume you’re already aware of it. But if you’re not let me point you to the most popular page on the blog –


5 Differences This Understanding Makes to BEING HUMAN

And, lest I start speaking about things above my ‘pay grade’, as it were, I’ll speak directly about the difference this three principles understanding makes to the human being that is me (or the human beings that have been my clients)…

1. Anxiety, stress etc. seen as normal

Yes, my anxiety, depression, anger, fear, suicidal thoughts, feelings of overwhelm, sad feelings, happy feelings, all… None of these common human feelings and thoughts that I sometimes get to experience are now seen as a problem that I have to fix, anymore. Meaning I don’t have to do DO anything about it – how I’m feeling – other than to watch it and let it pass.

(There are days when I do this well, and days when I do not. But still. Normal.)

2. People are more fun, you are more fun

I get on and connect with people more. ALL people. Those that agree with me, those that don’t. I’m so much less afraid of difference, of the unknown, of experience even. Just like that, too – no effort. (And this is true of my clients who start to respond to their spouse or child or parent in a very different, more loving way, for no reason at all too.)

3. Spend more time in the here and now

I spend less time in my head (worrying). Less time in the (imaginary) past or future. I spend more time here, present and alert and alive. Again, there’s no effort to this mindful living, it’s natural.

4. It’s more okay to agree to disagree

Disagreements are just two or more people who see things differently, after all, or people who have different thoughts to each other or they give different meanings to those thoughts. This is pretty much the ONLY way the world is ever going to find peace, yeah!

5. It’s more okay to make mistakes

Making mistakes is pretty much built into being human, you know that!


And ALL of this happens naturally, with no need for self-help techniques, or mantras or practices. ALL that is required is an understanding of the Inside-Out nature of the human experience.


The Three Principles Understanding and Being Human

Now let’s look at this small list of human behaviours, concerns and opportuntities, shall we. Yes, the three principles understanding helps with the following 20+ areas of human life… 

ANXIETY, Fears & Phobias
Social Anxiety
Addiction Recovery
Panic Attacks

Time Management
Finding Your ‘Purpose’
Career Change
Retirement or Redundancy


Self-Love / Self-Worth
Work/Life Balance

Just a little of what it means to be a human being, then…


This three principles understanding is not really about understanding the 3 Principles at all – i.e. the Principle of Mind (Aliveness/Source), the Principle of Consciousness (Awareness/3D Special Effects department) and the Principle of Thought (Missing Link/Experience).

Rather, understanding the three principles points you within, helps you see that it is YOU that is creating your experience of life and no-one else. And it is that ‘seeing’ (that understanding) that transforms a human being.

  • Less ego (fear, wanting to control, me-me-me…).
  • More love (trust, okayness, all-all-all…).
  • Just like that.


The Three Principles Understanding: 3 More Differences

Let’s take a look at these 3 Principles in a little more detail, and a little more generally, to better describe how your life (and mine) can be different right now. Once you understand how the 3 Principles create your experience of reality each and every moment…

  1. You know to put your trust in Something Greater Than You 
    So where does inspiration come from, and insight, and ideas? What is ‘out of the blue’? Why does thinking and thinking and thinking about something never end up helping? [ Principle of Mind: The source of everything ]
  2. You know that sometimes you see it and sometimes you don’t
    Sometimes you can’t see the wood from the trees, whilst other days you’re able to put everything in perspective (and nothing bothers you, because you know it’s nothing personal and stuff just happens). [ Principle of Consciousness: Awareness, noticing ]
  3. You know not to believe what you’re thinking (or feeling)
    You know you never have to believe in what you think (or feel), because you know that another thought (feeling) is coming soon… always, even when it feels like it isn’t. (You stop using words like ‘SHOULD’ and ‘have to’ and ‘must’.) [ Principle of Thought: How you experience life ]


Now this is NOT a definitive list of delights awaiting the human being exposed to the three principles understanding. Every human being is affected differently, because every human being sees the world differently. (It’s not called Separate Realities for nothing, y’know.) Anyway, for 20 or so ways my life’s improved, see my thoughts about feelings videos. Or you could just read my how I am happier blog post.


The Best 3 Websites To Keep Learning MORE

Okay, so ‘best’ is in the eye of the beholder. That, I hope is a given. (And another practical example of the three principles understanding in action, you could say!)

But I chose these 3 websites because of the size and inclusiveness of their offerings, more than anything. Many blog posts, and even more videos – from pretty much ALL of the leading ‘sharers’ of this 3 principles understanding.

On pretty much every experience of being human and making a difference.

So if you start/continue your three principles journey here, you won’t go far wrong:

    The Three Principles Global Community
    Podcasts, videos, blog posts (and more) from my mentor, Michael Neill
    Perhaps the most extensive collection of three principles videos anywhere!


Best-Selling Books on The Three Principles

  • The Inside-Out Revolution by Michael Neill
    A simple, general introduction to the Inside-Out Understanding, and for me the best book I’ve read on the three principles. (I got trained by Michael Neill in his Supercoach Academy coach training in 2014. But he didn’t pay me to write this. I wish! 😉 )
    Book: or Amazon UK 
    Website: &
  • The Little Book of Clarity by Jamie Smart
    Easy-to-read book that looks at the principles behind clarity, with a gentle focus on business
    Book: or Amazon UK
  • Invisible Power: Insight Principles at Work by Manning, Charbit & Krot
    Includes powerful examples of how this understanding can be ‘utilised’ in all kinds of hard-nosed businesses and industries
    Book: or Amazon UK
  • The Relationship Handbook by Dr George Pransky
    A quite wonderful book about the almost counter-intuitive simplicity of relationships, which has the 3 principles understanding at its core.
    Book: or Amazon UK

1-Page Guide to Best 3 Principles Resources
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And you can find popular books about the three principles on Amazon, from the 5 authors below:

  1. Sydney Banks: | Amazon UK
  2. Jack Pransky: | Amazon UK
  3. Garret Kramer: | Amazon UK
  4. Dr Amy Johnson: | Amazon UK
  5. Mary Schiller: | Amazon UK


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