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Empower Yourself: See Things in a NEW Way

Question: what’s it like to be coached by me? Essentially, you get to talk about your concerns and be listened to in a non-judgemental way. Specifically, you talk to me then:

  • I might ask you questions, might ask you to explain yourself more
  • I might respond with an appropriate metaphor, analogy or perspective, or
  • I might continue to let you talk, then respond to what I’m listening to after that

The aim? To get you to see things in a new way; to get you to see what you’re really up against; to help you empower yourself.

To be clear, I have no coaching techniques to use on you, no “special questions” you’ll need to answer. It’s simply about you listening to your own wisdom, about you seeing for yourself, about you finding your own answers – and I help THAT happen for you.

But don’t take my word for it! YOU can now find out what it’s like for yourself, via a first, FREE 20-Minute 1-2-1 transformative coaching conversation with me. A “taster” transformative coaching session that’s based on the Inside-Out Understanding shared here on

All you have to do is fill in the short form below, then I’ll get back to you with details of how you can schedule a 20-minute (Zoom) call with me:


Your details will NOT be added to a mailing list. I will just use the submitted information to respond to your enquiry. See our terms and privacy here. Note: this free coaching offer is subject to terms and conditions (see below).

I graduated from Michael Neil’s Supercoach Academy in 2014


Coaching Testimonials...

What a wonderful session. Steve's approach to coaching is unique, intelligent and deeply perceptive...

Beth, Web Designer (UK) - 2014


Talking to Steve, in our conversations, is for me a moment to stop, calm myself and get on track again... His understanding, his kinds words and his way of seeing things has been very helpful to me. Thank you Steve for being the person you are, and for helping others with your work.

AP, Business Coach (Spain) - 2016


[BEFORE Coaching] At the start of the year, I...
- Had low confidence about myself as a professional and what I can offer
- Got stuck in ruts easily
- Felt lonely and disconnected from people around me
- Struggled to see how I'd form a career out of helping people without losing myself

[AFTER Coaching] Now, I....
- Can envision a future as a leader and entrepreneur, inspired by my own uniqueness
- Can intuit when to walk away from what no longer serves me
- Connect with people effortlessly and meaningfully, in a variety of ways
- Inspire others to help themselves by being an example of what I've learned

DS, Programme Coordinator (UK) - 2022




  1. This free coaching “taster” offer is only open to people who have yet to have a free transformative coaching conversation with me. If you’ve already had a free coaching conversation with me, then please contact me here so that we can discuss having more paid coaching conversations together. (Thank you.)
  2. The coaching calls will NOT be recorded.
  3. Cancellations: You can cancel our conversation up to 48 hours beforehand. If you cancel after this time, or you simply fail to show up at the arranged time without informing me at all (it happens!), then this free coaching offer will be treated as taken (and will thus no longer be available to you – see 1.).


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