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Last Updated: March 30, 2021

More About Living From The Inside Out

…Okay, Steve, I’m getting that you’re a fan of this so-called Inside Out Revolution thingy, but what’s it got to do with me, and is it gonna hurt, or – worse – cost me?

The Inside Out Inspiration



Ah… Sometimes, just sometimes, I like it when the reader asks a good question. And one of those times is these.

What’s the point with the Inside-Out understanding? Hmm. Now let me see. How about these points:

  • Less suffering
  • More joy
  • More ease
  • Less anger and frustration
  • More love and compassion
  • More ‘more’ and less ‘less’

Need I go on? I do? Well…


Why Live From The Inside Out?

Basically, think of how you’d feel if – if you had the X or the Y or the Z situation that you feel you need to have right now, and that’s the feeling you start to get when you start to embrace and embody living from the inside out – no situation X or Y or Z required.

Not that you’re NOT living from the inside out right now – YOU ARE!

It’s just that you don’t think that you are. You think it’s your situations, and your stress, and your struggles that’s making life miserable for you right now – y’know stuff outside of you!

But it’s not. That’s a lie. How you feel, at any given moment in any part of your life, is because of what’s going on inside of you. Oh yes!


Do You ‘Get’ Me?

The thing is understanding this spiritual fact, truly ‘getting it’ like you ‘get’ a joke by Tommy Cooper (or Richard Pryor or Bill Hicks) – well, to come over all ‘English’ about it – is bloody inspirational, simply marvellous!

Not that life doesn’t carry on the same. Not that bad stuff doesn’t carry on happening to you, as well as good stuff, and ordinary stuff. You just respond to it with so much more grace and gratitude.

It truly is an inspirational way to live – which is why I’m writing this post, obviously – because inspiring you to live an inspired life inspires me.

So. It’s some more quotes. Some more explanations. And then we can all do something more boring instead. (But I’m hoping that first you will let these words, and what they truly mean, sit with you for a while, let them seep in a little… Nice one.)


Inside Out Inspiration QUOTES

“Uncertainty is the only certainty there is,
and knowing how to live with insecurity is
the only security.”
– John Allen Paulos

We seem to believe that if we ‘work on ourselves’ or if we’re ‘good’ (and eat all our carrots), or if we just work really, really hard… We seem to believe that if we do these things, even all of them, that only good things will happen to us.

This is a lie. Life doesn’t work like that. Not even your God(s) (or Angel Guides or…) believe this to be true. (And if you’re an atheist you’re already a big fan of the randomness of life, so I’m preaching to the converted here. (How apt.))

Life cannot be controlled. Ever. Sure, you might be able to influence what happens for you today a good deal, and maybe have some influence over tomorrow, too, but you think you know what’s going to happen in a year’s time? Are you crazy?

No. No, no, no, no, no! You can’t control life, you can’t.

There is no certainty except uncertainty.


More Inside Out Inspiration

You do what John Allen Paulos suggests and you get to roll with the punches life throws at you (and enjoy the pats on the back), and life feels more ‘ease-full’.

It never feels easy, but there is more ease for sure.

And it all stems from fully embracing, as much as you can, that there is no certainty in this life, no security, so life needs to be lived in the present moment as much as you can.

Again, I know you know this, deep down, but watching all that terrible TV that you do, or reading the papers (or browsing the blogs), it’s easy to forget, easy to get nervous, it’s easy to forget your own Power.

Still. You’re reading this now. And I’m reminding you to remember that ‘knowing how to live with insecurity is the ONLY security’… Good one.


One More Inside Out Inspiration Quote

“Who looks outside, dreams.
Who looks inside, awakes.”
– Carl Jung

We’re all on a journey.

We’re all going nowhere.

Like an ever-changing stream that never appears to be changing, life is flowing through us.

Sometimes journeys prove interesting to us; sometimes journeys are the reason we go somewhere; but sometimes we get obsessed with just ‘getting there’.

Imagine, instead, living fully in each and every moment, living in the only moment that ever exists, or ever can exist, the present moment – NOW.

Imagine how inspirational that journey would be. (Funnily enough some travellers actually experience this whilst journeying in foreign countries, but they mistake the experience for the country they’re in, rather than the place they’re in within themselves.)

  • Would you like to awaken to yourself, to Who You Truly Are?
  • Would you like to be SuperYou, just a bit more often than
    you’ve experienced?
  • Or would you just like to experience a bit more grace,
    a bit more gratitude?

Well… It’s possible, all of it, just begin, begin within.


Inside-Out Understanding, and You?

Why not experience the inside out inspiration for yourself, first hand!

Why not see how much simpler your life could be!

Why not look in the direction that the 3 Principles are pointing to?….


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