The Inside Out Revolution?

Last Updated: March 10, 2021

What It Means To Live From The Inside-Out

Introducing some transformational inspirational quotes, a Ted Talk from Michael Neill, and some words of explanation from me, Steve M Nash – welcome to The Inside Out ‘revolution’…


Introducing… Michael Neill

(For it is he.) He is a man – an ordinary man who’s had his fair share of struggles in his life, a Supercoach man. Well, he sent an email to me on September, 2012…

Why Aren't We Awesomer? | Michael Neill | TEDxBend

…This email piqued my curiosity, to say the least. It used the expression ‘Inside Out’, for one thing, and it talked about coaching (a career that I’d been seriously considering). So I opened the email, signed up to his Coaching From The Inside Out online program, and my life changed forever.


Introducing… Steve M Nash

Steve M Nash | Transformative Coach(For it is me.) He is a man – an ordinary man who’s had his fair share of struggles in life, a man. Well he created a guru-free, self-help website, when ‘self-help’ was all the rage for him, when he felt it would provide him with the answers he needed…

And via self-help he discovered an inspirational quote, that pointed to a deeper truth…


Introducing… Inspirational Quotes

(For it is them.) Written by the ordinary and the not-so-ordinary – they speak of the struggles in life, the inspirations too. Well many quotes can be ignored, as they merely reveal the misunderstandings of their author…

But some quotes speak powerfully and directly of the truth to life, they turn your attention inwards rather than outwards (where everyone’s attention usually heads).

And Galileo’s words (below) did exactly this for me:

“You can’t teach anybody anything, only make them
realize the answers are already inside them.”
– Galileo Galilei


Finally, The Inside-Out Revolution Begins

(And 3 More Inspirational Quotes Have Their Say…)

So this is how the Inside Out Revolution began, at least for me. Michael Neill shared his Inside Out understanding, I listened, and here I am about to share what the revolution may mean to you and me both, via my trusted companions – carefully chosen (of course) – these inspirational quotes.

So. Let’s go.


Inside Out Revolution Quote #1

“Real difficulties can be overcome; it is only the
imaginary ones that are unconquerable.”
– Theodore N. Vail

Surely all difficulties are real. How can it be possible for any difficulty NOT to be real? What can this Theodore chap be meaning? (He’s clearly not a Mum. He clearly hasn’t got a high-powered, high-pressure job. He clearly hasn’t just lost the love of his life. Etc.)



Tricky, er, but the thing is…

I guess he’s suggesting that you might, just might, have experienced a situation that once seemed ‘frightful’ in your life – scary shadows seen for the first time as a child, anyone? – and on revisiting it, some time later, it was not only not frightful, it was almost funny in its ‘not frightfulness’.

Truth is, we get ‘conquered’ in our head, in the thoughts we think there,  far more often than we get conquered in the present moments of our lives.

Examples? (Tch, I hate readers who always want examples.)

Okay, here’s one example that comes to mind, easily.

  • “How am I going to cope? I don’t know what
    to do? She’s so small, and vulnerable, it
    can’t be my job to look after her?…”
    – A mum on her first day on the (incredible) Mum-job

Now there ARE other examples, there are. And I’m betting you could, if you put your intelligent mind to it, think of several ‘imaginary’ problems you’ve experienced this very day – the thought of which frightened you so much more than the event itself.

So. Go on then. Come up with your own examples. Me and Theodore will be waiting…


Inside Out Revolution Quote #2

“How soon will you realise that the only thing you
don’t have is the direct experience that there’s
nothing you need that you don’t have?”
– Ken Keyes, Jr

Yeah, I wanna know that too, how soon?

How many quotes by the likes of Ken Keyes, Jr, or Galileo Galilei, and how many books like “I’m Ok,  You’re Ok” are you gonna need to read before you realise, finally, that…

  • You are okay
  • Everything is alright
  • You ARE all you need

Can you imagine, and bear with me here, being okay with who you actually are?

  • So, those talents you have and those strengths,
    you’re happy to share them with others, happy
    to talk about them, happy to acknowledge
    them openly.
  • Same goes for those dark bits, those unseemly
    thoughts you sometimes have, and some of those
    behaviours you still, despite yourself, indulge in.
    How great would it be to be okay with this dark
    stuff, too, and be able to share with the world
    irrespective of the world’s response?


I tell you, and I TELL YOU LOUDLY, that’s ALL Ken is talking about above. You don’t have to be SuperMan, SuperMom or even SuperCoach – you just have to be Super (and not-so-Super-) You.

Simply being okay with who you are right now – and why on earth would you not want to do that? – enables an incredibly powerful place of residence, an amazingly encouraging place to be, a place of well-being.


Inside Out Revolution Quote #3

“It is the mark of an educated mind to be able
to entertain a thought without accepting it.”
– Aristotle

Which is another way of saying – thank you Aristotle! – by all means think those horrid thoughts about yourself, and those mean things about others, but don’t, don’t, don’t take any of those thoughts seriously. Please.

Thoughts are just pesky.

Some feel nice, some don’t.

So just have whatever pesky thoughts come to you, in the moment – hard not to, by the way – then have some more thoughts. And some more. (Ever noticed how thoughts flow like water in a stream, when you let them. Endlessly flowing?)

Just don’t be paying any attention to them thar thoughts. Remember: thoughts are just pesky critters, “Don’t pay ’em no never mind!”


Your Inside Out Revolution?…

Yeah, how about you – you and your journey?

Where you at? Does the expression ‘Inside Out’ ring true for you? Do those inspirational quotes make any sense?

Yes, ALL of the quotes I’ve used above speak of the inside out revolution – the fact that you’re experiencing life from what happens inside of you (thoughts/feelings) rather than from what happens outside of you (situations/events).

And once you understand this fact of life, once you start to ‘get’ it, then your life becomes a VERY, very different proposition, it truly does.You stop trying to control the outside, and you start becoming okay with the inside.

And life starts to get a whole lot more playful, less serious…

“Would you like to know more?”


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