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“Episodes in Troubled Thinking”: A PODCAST

>> 2022 UPDATE: I will be launching a new podcast on sister site, called Sonder Lust with Steve M Nash on Jan 9th, 2022 – my effort to encourage “being the change”. <<<

3 Principles,

2 transformative coaches, and

1 conversation about the Inside-Out Understanding.

Introducing Episodes in Troubled Thinking Podcast starring Anti Vanhanen (from Finland) and Steve M Nash (from UK)…

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About Episodes in Troubled Thinking Podcast

A transformative coaching conversation between Steve and Antti (early 2017); an opening expression from Steve that described his own life as “episodes in troubled thinking”; and a desire from Antti to share this Inside-Out understanding, and our transformative coaching conversations in particular, to a winder audience.

That, more or less, how this episodes in troubled thinking podcast was borne.


Here’s a slightly more formal description of the troubled thinking podcast, from Steve

What happens when two transformative coaches, one from UK and one from Finland, take turns to coach each other around the Inside-Out Understanding (aka The 3 Principles)?

And, in doing so, they cover topics like anxiety, stress and envy, confidence and creativity. Or they just ruminate on notions like ‘Thought being the single most powerful force in the universe’, and ‘how we all live in seperately created realities’, and ‘where to always look for answers’ (within).

What happens, then? Well, a podcast series called Episodes in Troubled Thinking is what happens, and you are most welcome to listen in…

As Antti puts it on his own site –

All episodes are 100% unscripted, and the coach each week has no idea what he will be coaching the other person about until the recording starts. This is an intimate, human podcast about what it’s like to be a human and how we can get out of our own way.



About Antti Vanhanen

Antti is a transformative coach based in Helsinki. With a background in high tech strategy, Antti today coaches businesses, executives, entrepreneurs and private clients world wide who want to discover their own answers to their own unique situations.

He strongly believes that no one should outsource their wisdom to others, and only points his clients toward the inside-out understanding and their own inner wisdom.

He is the author of the upcoming book “Falling Into Place”, and he has a wonderfully terrible sense of humor.


About Steve M Nash

steve m nash imageSteve is currently a part-time transformative coach and full-time human being. He does not like writing bios, though (or writing about himself in the 3rd person!). So, instead, he thought he’d share his favourite novels: Siddharta by Herman Hesse; Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah, by Richard Bach; and The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

(And favourite ‘spiritual’ books include The Untethered Soul by Michael A. Singer, The Inside-Out Revolution by Michael Neill and Jed McKenna’s Theory of Everything by, er, Jed McKenna.)

You can find Steve waxing lyrical about the human condition at sites like, and


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Troubled Thinking Podcast: One Last Thing

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Win win really 🙂


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