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Last Updated: March 30, 2021

The Recipe For Success Is A Simple One…


BE and express yourself in the moment; and let yourself ‘not know’ when you don’t, in fact, know. A simple success guide, yes, but difficult to implement. And that’s where developing an Inside-Out understanding of the human experience might help…

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Your Success Guide

Of course there is no formula for success, except perhaps an unconditional acceptance of life, and what it brings.
– Arthur Rubinstein


What Is Success, Exactly?

Success is finding a different use for the same inspirational quote (see ACCEPTANCE)

(Only joking!)

No, success is something that YOU define from your own thoughts and beliefs (in the knowing that these ARE ever-changing), and not those thoughts and beliefs that have been handed down to you by your parents, society or your peers.

And that’s the main trouble with the S-word – it’s usually being defined by someone else.


The Formless Vs The Form

Another problem with success?

There is very little REAL understanding of what success is and where it truly comes from (it comes from a place I shall call “the formless”). On the other hand, there’s a great deal of understanding about what success can look like (traits, behaviours, the type of wife or husband you might have, etc… a place I’m going to call the form”).

  • Most success advice focusses on the known form (in its many guises), rather than the source of that success – the unknown formless (in its infinite mystery).

So most success-articles you read, or success-books by the likes of Tony Robbins, for the most part focus on knowing what the traits and attributes look like, and then they try and find a way to ‘get’ you to copy success traits and attributes (NLP, anyone, or self-hypnosis or…).

THIS IS NOT SUCCESS, people! (Sorry to shout.)

Nor is it how to go about being successful…


Truly Being (and Expressing) Yourself

Being yourself  IS how you spell ‘success guide’. Expressing yourself in the moment, trying new things, being curious and exploring the potential of who you are and can be.

And starting again with this each and every day.

And you will be successful the more you do things your way, for your reasons, knowing that you are okay no matter what results from your actions or inactions.

  • Yes, you can model it.
  • Yes, it can be useful to try and do things the way others who have been successful have done things.
  • But if you are not relying on your inner wisdom, your intuition, for your ultimate guidance in how to be (and what to do) then you will not be a success.

Yes, you may mirror the success symptoms of others – great riches, fame, prestige, notable achievements, the congratulation of others – but you will not be being yourself, you will not be doing what deep down you want to do.

And sooner or later the hollowness of your efforts will jangle on your insides; you will be, quite literally, smiling on the outside and crying on the inside.


True success CAN come with fame and fortune, true. But only as a side-effect from truly doing what “turns you on” in life.

Just look at Steve Jobs, for the most part, as an example.

But there will be beggars on the street, cleaners in the office, small business owners everywhere also doing things their way, smiling on the inside, being successful.

Success is an Inside Out job. (Of course it is.)

And believing in yourself, not via affirmations but via true knowing, IS where any kind of true success comes from…


Success Guide – 3 Minute Heroes Video

Here’s what came to me as I shared my thoughts on Success during a 3 Minute Heroes video I recorded in December, 2014:

3 Minute Heroes (27) - Success


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