Unconditional Happiness

Last Updated: December 16, 2022

The Only Happiness Worth ‘Pursuing’…


I think this is what they mean by authentic happiness (unconditional happiness), and – truly! – pursuing any other form of happiness (transient, dependent on outcomes) is only ever going to deliver, er, transient success.

Again, the Inside-Out understanding comes to the rescue…

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About Unconditional Happiness

Only those who seek within, get to discover their true unconditional happiness.
– Edmond Mbiaka


What Is Happiness?

Or, what is unconditional happiness?

Well that’s a bit like unconditional love, really. Nobody really trusts a love that comes with conditions, yet that same nobody doesn’t really understand uncondtional love. And the same goes for happiness.

So, are you really, truly happy IF… If you finally

  • Get the great guy, or
  • Give up the joyless job, or
  • Give birth to a beautiful baby

Are you really, truly happy IF…

  • Insert your condition for being happy here.


Can you only be happy if certain conditions are in place? What happens, then, when those conditions disappear?

Question: What kind of happiness is it that relies on outside conditions and circumstances?

Answer: A fools gold kind of happiness – the pursuit of which causes so much suffering it’s untrue.


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Introducing True/Authentic/Real Happiness…

Whether you’re aware of the Inside Out understanding of the human experience (as first advocated by Syd Banks, via The Three Principles, but pointed to by all the prophets and spiritual teachers) or not, I think you can see that an ‘Outside-In kind of happiness’ is going to be fleeting, at best.

Much better, an Inside-Out happiness – an authentic happiness – one that is conditional on you and you alone (specifically your three principles understanding of the human experience):

  • A happiness I talk about in the second video below that is a happiness that comes despite the circumstances and conditions not being perfect.
  • A happiness that is, indeed, an Inside job – a deepening connection with Who You Truly Are.
  • This happiness is independent of achievement (spiritual, physical or personal), it is independent of others, it is only dependent on you.

…The degree to which you’re able to accept the present moment, as it is, and be okay with any actions that present themselves for you to take, is the degree to which you are happy.

This kind of happiness is not personal, it just is. You feel it. There is no reason for it. It’s just your natural state.

This kind of happiness can be experienced by the sick and the dying, the poor and the lonely, the sinning and the sinned against.

This kind of happiness – unconditional happiness – is simply waiting to be experienced. moment by moment by moment.

Are you willing to put down your objections, to let go of your concerns, and to allow yourself to feel happy, unconditionally so? Are you?…


Happiness – 3 Minute Heroes Video

Here’s what came to me as I shared my thoughts on this topic during a 3 Minute Heroes video I recorded in December, 2014:

3 Minute Heroes (14) - Happiness


How to Be Happy in a Sad, Mad World

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