About Confidence (And You!)

Last Updated: March 30, 2021

Confidence is Being Who You Are… MORE!


About confidence, then. When you are confident, you are being yourself more than when you lack confidence. Or, metaphorically speaking, your inner light is either shining brightly (confident) or it isn’t (less confident). That’s what I am confident I can reveal below, in 400 words or less…

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About Confidence (About You!)

Always remember you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.
– Christopher Robin


All About Confidence

I can’t really tell you all there is to know about confidence, because that would mean me telling you all there is to know about you.

Instead, in the few hundred words I have, let me point you in the right direction, when it comes to this oh-so-potent C-word (and you)…

So, some ‘oddities’ of self-confidence:

  • People that lack confidence are very confident that they lack it. (How curious.)
  • It’s meant to take a certain form, so all the self-help articles would have us believe, anyways – hold your head high, speak slowly, think positively, etc. And it can look like this, it can, but it can also look like the opposite (see previous)
  • Confidence ebbs and flows in all of us. All the time. But a confident woman notices the flow more, whilst a man that’s lacking in ‘it’ notices the ebb. But both ebb and flow remain there to be seen at all times, always. (How true.)


So What’s the Truth About Confidence, Then?

Hmm, simply put, confidence is simply more of who you are. Confidence…

  • is allowing yourself to be seen – all of you.
  • is sharing your gift, not hiding it.
  • comes in as many forms as love, and happiness, and people.

Not being confident, or lacking self-confidence, is merely you not being you. (Does this make sense?)

So this post cannot tell you the specifics of your confidence – what it looks like, how to attain it, the benefits of always being confident, etc – because your confidence is about you, and this post cannot tell you the specifics of you.


Confidence is an Inside (Out) Job!

Yes, there is nothing I can say about your self-confidence other than to say that if you exist, so does your confidence – confidence and you are one and the same.

Yes, confidence comes from within. As does love. And happiness.

So if you happen to find yourself afraid of yourself, or your experience – lacking in confidence – then you happen to find yourself getting in your own way, somehow. You happen to find yourself believing in your thinking, your doubts, and forgetting that you are enough, innately so.

Confidence is Who You Are – the very essence of you. And a lack of self-confidence is simply a forgetting.

And there is nothing wrong with forgetting – it is the human way, after all, to forget.

The problem comes when you believe the thought that says “I’m not confident enough”.


Lacking confidence in the moment is merely a metaphorical barometer that indicates that you are being less than you can be, in this moment. That is all. It is a guide to your low level of consciousness. As is a bad mood. Anger. And seriousness.

All natural states of being human, yes – inevitable consequences of human beings forgetting who they are.

And it’s okay to forget.

But remembering is better…

“Promise me you’ll always remember: You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”
– A.A. Milne


3 Minute Heroes Video

Here’s what came to me as I shared my thoughts on confidence during a 3 Minute Heroes video I recorded in December, 2014:

3 Minute Heroes (07) - Confidence


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