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So, you think you’d like to work with me?

Think you’d like to enrol in one of my exclusive coaching programs, no less? And you’re committed to making a positive difference to this world (or your world)?

Great. I might well like to work with you, too. Before that becomes a possibility, though, I need to mention a few more requirements for working with me intensively like this.

William James quote: "act as if what you do makes a difference. It does" | Quote over small image of earth

NOTE: If this feels like too much of a commitment right now, for whatever reason, then you can sample my 1-2-1 work via my TRIO Coaching Package.



Prerequisites for Working With Me

  • I’d like you to WANT to BE THE CHANGE
    In case you don’t know, I’m referring to one of Gandhi’s quotes, here: “You must be the change you want to see in the world”. For example, the change I want to see in the world can be summarised like this: more inclusion, less exclusion; more recognition, less demonisation; more listening to, and less telling.
    (You can let me know what matters to you in the intake form below.)
  • I’d like you to BE CURIOUS and OPEN
    It seems that I value openness, honesty and a commitment to self-awareness; it seems that I value curiosity (not knowing) over judgement (knowing); it seems that I’d like to work with people who value these qualities too.
  • I’d like you to TAKE ACTIONs when necessary
    Theoretical understanding is one thing, learning from the actions you take is quite another. (“In theory, theory and practice are the same. In practice, they are not.” – Albert Einstein.) After all, it is easy to hide behind intellectual understanding and “knowing”. It is easy to hide behind your latest insight or breakthrough. It is easy to hide. Repeatedly taking relevant actions is the antidote to this.
    (Are you ready to do that?)
  • You need to be FAMILIAR WITH MY WORK
    Please make sure you’ve watched some of my videos, or read some of my blog posts, or received some of my Daily Delight emails – to do that, start here!

Still with me?

Still want to make a positive difference?

Then apply to enrol in my coaching program below.


“I feel like ‘I can do absolutely anything’ I feel at peace with myself, and at peace with [my friend] too. I feel so different now… Thank you again Steve.”
– Diane B., UK (2018)

Steve is a very genuine person, ( honestly i havent met such a person in my life )”
– Ritesh, India (2015)

“[Steve] makes me more aware, thoughtful, loving, relaxed, comfortable with myself & others & that lasts longer & comes more easily as time goes on.”
– Sarahjane L, UK (2017)


Work With Me – Apply to Enrol in My Coaching Program

The hourly coaching conversations that make up the coaching program usually takes place online, via Zoom, and are arranged via the Acuity Scheduling software. But the conversations can take place in person, too (I live in Holmfirth, West Yorkshire, UK).

But it all starts with an enrolment conversation – which is free.

It all starts with me finding out about you, you finding out about me, and us seeing if it’s a fit for us to work together.


NOTE: Your details will NOT be added to a mailing list. I’ll just email you further details, and a link to book some time together if appropriate. I take your privacy seriously. See these terms and privacy here

I graduated from Michael Neil’s Supercoach Academy in 2014


Three More Coaching Testimonials...


    What a wonderful session. Steve's approach to coaching is unique, intelligent and deeply perceptive...

    – Beth, Web Designer (UK) - 2014

  2. A COACHING PACKAGE Testimonial

    Talking to Steve, in our conversations, is for me a moment to stop, calm myself and get on track again... His understanding, his kinds words and his way of seeing things has been very helpful to me. Thank you Steve for being the person you are, and for helping others with your work.

    – AP, Business Coach (Spain) - 2016


    At the start of the year, I...
    - Had low confidence about myself as a professional and what I can offer
    - Got easily frustrated and restless, so coped maladaptively
    - Got stuck in ruts easily
    - Felt lonely and disconnected from people around me
    - Struggled to see how I'd form a career out of helping people without losing myself
    - Was anxious about what the future holds

    Now, I....
    - Can envision a future as a leader and entrepreneur, inspired by my own uniqueness
    - Realise I don't have to do much to remember who I am
    - Can intuit when to walk away from what no longer serves me
    - Connect with people effortlessly and meaningfully, in a variety of ways
    - Inspire others to help themselves by being an example of what I've learned
    - Am optimistic and trusting that things will work out

    I'm also on the lookout for a word that expresses profound gratitude, because "thank you" just doesn't quite hit the mark.

    – DS, Programme Coordinator (UK) - 2022