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Steve M Nash smiling (c) 2014Hello. My name is Steve M Nash and I’m the creator of this site, (started 2013), as well as sister sites (2008) and (2020).

On alone, the work I share with you for free includes:

  • 107+ BLOG POSTS (on the Inside-Out Understanding)
  • 60+ VIDEOS
  • 1 DAILY DELIGHT NEWLETTER (365+ daily inspirational quotes by email)

So I created this tips page to allow you to show support for my work – tip me or buy one of my books/products (see below).


Do You Get Value From My Work?

Great! All I ask here then is you TIP ME according to the value you’ve received. How?

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Your Tips Help Me Pay the Bills!

Starting in 2008, I specifically created and developed these “helping websites” to make a positive difference to people’s lives. Ordinary people, extraordinary people, fantastic and flawed and funny people – people like you. And all via transformative blog posts, inspirational videos, and encouraging ebooks, e-newsletters and 1-2-1 transformative coaching conversations – all available for free.

But content creation does not come free.

Firstly, it takes a great deal of time and energy (and understanding) to create and support any half-useful online resource.

Then there’s paying for quality services to create, host and share helpful content:

  • Using a web host like SiteGround to give a “home” to sites like and (and using NameCheap to renew the domain registrations each year)
    [ANNUAL COST: GBP£287.86+ inc. VAT] 
  • Using services like Aweber for sending newsletters, for example
    [ANNUAL COST: USD$179.40+
  • Paying for and using services like Canva, CreativeFabrica and Vecteezy to help me create the graphics for the content I produce
    [ANNUAL COST: GBP£71.86+ inc. VAT]

Then there’s the thousands and thousands of dollars and hours spent on developing the understanding of the human condition that I share here.

That’s why I decided to create this tips page, to give you a chance to show your appreciation and support for the value you’ve received from me.

Thank you – your tips continue to help me pay these bills 🙂