The Inside Out Situation…

Last Updated: March 30, 2021

How ‘Life’ Reminds You It’s An Inside-Out Job!

In my last post titled The Inside Out Revolution I talked about how my own journey of exploring the inside out nature of the human experience came about!

Now let me show you how ‘life’ itself reminds you it really is an inside-out job…

The Inside Out Situation



Yes, it is life, everyday life, that reveals so much wisdom to us about the nature of reality, the true nature of our lives.

And it’s to the expressions we hear in everyday life – whether it’s a Shakespeare quote (popularised, and cliched), wisdom passed down from the ages (old wives tales), or something ‘fresh’ that our child’s just come up with – that point us to the truth of reality.

Our everyday situations, you might call them.


Everyday Inside-Out Situations, Then…

I’m talking about expressions like these that remind us that life is definitely an inside-out job:

  • “I woke up on the wrong side of the bed!”
    Meaning: it doesn’t matter how fabulous the events of the day turn out, I’m not going to enjoy them as much as I would normally. And if anything ‘bad’ happens I’m really going to get angry with life.
  • “The course of true love never did run smooth.” – William Shakespeare
    Meaning: love, life, is and always will be unfathomable so stop trying to fathom it, just enjoy the ride!
  • “She never has a bad word to say about anyone!”
    Meaning: that no matter who comes into this woman’s life – the good, the bad and the ugly that exist ‘out there’ –  the woman sees the best in them, sees the best in herself!


More Quotes About The Inside-Out Situation

Now let me share 3 inspirational ‘inside out’ quotations that seem like ‘common sense’, and notice how they also speak to a deeper truth of the human experience.

You ready?…


Inside Out Situation #1: Everything Passes

“Nothing lasts forever. Not even your troubles.”
– Arnold H Glasgow

Hah! Now this is the sort of wisdom granny passes down to granny passes down to granny. (And why don’t we listen to Granny, remind me again?)

No matter who we are, no matter what’s happened to us, and no matter how awful (or marvellous) we’re feeling right now, we know this to be true – nothing lasts forever!

And this just isn’t that mythical creature ‘time’ doin’ his thing. (By the way, it’s not time that heals all wounds, but life. Think about it.)

No, this this the deep-down understanding that we all have that sooner or later we’re goin’ to stop thinking this particular set of (upsetting or otherwise) thoughts, and think some other set of thoughts, instead.

That’s how life changes for us. We have more thoughts to think. Then some more thoughts. Then some more. And, thank you Kurt Vonnegut, ‘so it goes’.

How marvellous is that? (Once you truly understand what it means, of course.)


Inside Out Situation #2: Where Relaxation Comes From

“Tension is who you think you should be.
Relaxation is who you are.”
–  Chinese Proverb

Oh boy. Do you get this, do you really get the power of this?

Do you see why you enjoy the company of your best friend whilst you strain a little, feel less relaxed in the company of some others I could mention? Do you?

The point I’m making here, is that tension and that relaxation spoken above comes from one place, and one place only:

(and the meaning you give to it)

When you’re with your best friend you have far fewer thoughts about how to behave, what to say and when to giggle. You feel (think) that it’s okay, very okay if you’re lucky, to just be yourself.

But when you’re with your boss from work, assuming this is NOT your best friend naturally, you are less relaxed, more tense. And this is because you think you have to mind your Ps and Qs – you have to be ‘careful’, where with your best friend you don’t.

With your boss, you are not being yourself as much.

Tension. Relaxation. Inbetween-tion. ALL at the mercy of… your thinking!


Inside Out Situation #3: When Nothing Is ‘Wrong’

“Everything has its wonders, even darkness
and silence, and I learn, whatever state I may be
in, therein to be content.”
— Helen Keller

This is kind of the opposite of getting out of the bed on the wrong side. Today, you get out of the bed on the right side. And on this day – and you can’t explain why, you really can’t – it doesn’t matter what ‘bad situations’ come your way, you’re just not as affected by them like you normally are.

Somehow, everything’s okay, even though it shouldn’t be, it really shouldn’t be. Ever had one of those days?

Or ever been moved, deeply moved, by the grey clouds in a sun-starved grey sky? On other days this greyness would get you down, but today you feel this pleasant feeling of contentedness – it’s a place where you feel something deeper, deeper about life or about yourself. There’s no reason to, but you do.

As I said, it’s like getting out of the bed on the ‘right’ side.

Events are the same, but the feelings are very much different.

So, that’s a not-so-brief foray into the everyday Inside Out Situations of our lives. In the final post on this topic we get to explore the Inside Out Inspirations – what we can achieve when we FULLY embrace and embody the reality of living from the inside out…


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