Remembering the 'Happiness Within'

– An invitation to stress less, relax more and still live a fulfilled life



My course on Teachable is about YOU...

Hey, thanks for wanting to find out more about my course. I'm Steve, and I created "Remembering the 'Happiness Within'" to help you do just that, really: to remember what lies 'within' you...

Here's what one student of the course thought:

"I enjoyed the Course very much and I found myself looking forward to each [Module]. For me, your words were a very welcome reminder of what I already knew deep inside of me" - S Swanson (UK)

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So what can my course do for YOU?

In essence, the course attempts to get you to answer these questions (for yourself):

  • What would your life be like if you were to pay much less attention to current circumstances, situations, stories, thoughts and feelings, and ideas of past and future, and to pay much more attention to what remains?
  • What if you could 'see through' your problems, for example, much more of the time?
  • Would your life be simpler, perhaps? Would you feel more comfortable in your own skin? And would you create more, relax more, and enjoy more?

This is not an exercise in finding answers for your intellect, though - more an exercise for your heart, or an opportunity for a direct feeling experience of the 'happiness within'.



Pros and cons?...

  • The course won't take long to complete. Expect a time commitment of about 20 to 30 minutes per module
  • The course curriculum looks intimidating, at first glance. Do 1 module at a time, though, and the course is 'doable' for even the busiest soul.
  • The notion of 'happiness within' might seem too 'whoo-whoo' to you and so not 'practical' enough. Though that might (counter-intuitively) make this course 'perfect' you, then.

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Still Not Sure?

If you're still not sure if taking a course, my course, on Teachable is for you - whether you should keep going, or step back - then here are 3 suggestions:

  1. Contact me - ask me any question you have about my course, or this so-called Inside-Out understanding, and I'll surely reply the best I can

  2. Sample a free taster of the course (contains links to relevant blog posts of mine, and shows the structure of the course, too)
  3. If you'd prefer to just stick with my free materials for now, then why not join The Daily Reset - get a free, daily reminding of the Inside-Out Understanding in my words!


Thanks, again...

Steve M Nash photoThanks again, and hopefully see you on the 'other side' at Teachable some time very soon...

Steve M Nash
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Thank you for wanting to find out more about my course on Teachable.