Last Updated: August 25, 2021

1-2-1 Coaching Conversations, for FREE

Yes, that’s right. I’ve decided to offer up to THREE 30-Minute 1-2-1 transformative coaching conversations FREE, per week. From now until the end of 2021 (at least). With absolutely “no strings attached”:

  • Meaning no desire on my part to convert you into a paying client
  • No agenda other than curiosity, and a simple desire to listen and understand
  • And no requirement on you other than to show up, share yourself, and to see what comes from doing that.

A transformative coaching conversation that will be inspired by the Inside-Out Understanding shared on

A free coaching conversation, offered to the right applicants, as my way of being directly of service.

And ALL I ASK is that IF you find our coaching conversation helpful THEN you will give me a testimonial, by way of emailed feedback, a few days afterwards. Sound good?…


Free Coaching Conversation – Follow These 3 Steps:

STEP 1: Answer the questions in the application form below, as honestly as you can

STEP 2: I’ll review those answers, and if it looks like I might be able to help you (and I want to help you), then I’ll send you an email within 48 hours. This will include a a link to my coaching calendar (Acuity Scheduling), and you’ll schedule a time that works for you. We’ll meet at the time selected using Zoom, a video conferencing software.

STEP 3: You’ll have your complimentary coaching conversation with me. During the call, you’ll get insights and clarity around your issue,  as well as a direct experience of what it feels like to be coached by me. After the call, I’ll send you an email containing a link to a helpful, relevant resource. And I’ll ask you for some feedback. That’s it.


  1. This is an application process. (My time is precious, as I’m sure yours is.) I now only offer free coaching conversations to applicants who I feel are open, ready and motivated to being coached – AND who I think will be a fit. So please provide as much information as you can as to why you’d like to be coached by me.
  2. I am not a 3 Principles “teacher”. So if you’re looking for help regarding “the principles” – what they are, how they work etc. – then please check out this page, instead.
  3. I also offer paid coaching. I usually prefer clients to have had a free coaching conversation with me first, however (or an enrollment conversation).



Your details will NOT be added to a mailing list. I will just use the submitted information to respond to your enquiry. See our terms and privacy here. This free coaching offer is subject to coaching terms and conditions (see below).


What A Coaching Conversation With Me Looks Like... (Testimonial)

"Steve, here is my feedback on your first coaching conversation with me:

"1. I like how you listened to me even when I was interrupting you. You wanted to hear what I had to say more than what you had to say.

"2. The thing that stands out the most for me is you saying nothing has to be forced. If something happens it happens, if it doesn't, it doesn't. I felt so relieved to hear that. All the pressure is taken off and I just have to be me and not worry about doing something or getting somewhere.

"3. How you included yourself in the conversation. I've seen it now with several other persons I've been fortunate enough to receive coaching from and it still makes me happy. The conversation wasn't just about me - actually, you are the first person to say: Let's talk about me for a moment - I liked that.

"4. You were willing to speak about anything and go anywhere I chose to take the conversation but I never felt at any time that we were going to lose track of where it was heading. You make a great captain.

"5. You kept the conversation on track with questions when there was a lull in the conversation. However, there were still pauses and taking a breath and thinking and feeling and being. The conversation felt like such a lovely flow and I didn't want it to end.

"6. I got a valuable insight on myself (the fact that I haven't challenged myself...) [This is] something I did not consider before our conversation. I didn't even put that in the category of a challenge - I like challenges - it was just something I didn't do."

– Jennifer M. (Canada)




  1. This free coaching offer is only open to people who have yet to have a free transformative coaching conversation with me. If you’ve already had a free coaching conversation with me, then please share this offer with someone else. And you can pay for coaching with me, here. Thank you.
  2. The coaching calls will NOT be recorded.
  3. Cancellations: You can cancel our conversation up to 48 hours beforehand. If you cancel after this time, or you simply fail to show up at the arranged time without informing me at all (it happens!), then this free coaching offer will no longer be available to you.

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