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Steve M Nash smiling (c) 2014Hello. My name is Steve M Nash and I’m the creator of this site, SMNash.com (started 2013), as well as sister sites SelfHelpCollective.com (2008) and SteveMNash.com (2020).

Starting in 2008, I specifically created and developed these ‘helping websites’ to make a positive difference to people’s lives. Ordinary people, extraordinary people, fantastic and flawed and funny people – people like you. And all via transformative blog posts, inspirational videos, and encouraging ebooks, e-newsletters and 1-2-1 transformative coaching conversations – all available for free.

But content creation does not come free.

Using quality services to create, host and share helpful content costs money.

  • Using services like Aweber for sending newsletters, for example
  • Using a web host like SiteGround to give a ‘home’ to SMNash.com
  • Using Teachable for creating and hosting online courses
  • Using Acuity to schedule coaching conversations

And that’s not to mention the time and energy ‘cost’ that goes into creating and supporting any half-useful online resource.

Hence I’ve decided to create this donations page, to give you a chance to show your support…


"Thank you. You would appear to have changed my life."

"Just want to say a big thank you for your course on suffering (which I started late last night) and for the Daily Reset and for all the resources it takes you to... it feels extraordinary to have found you via the web and then be offered all these riches - so perfectly aligned with what I need - and for free!...

"The world is a truly miraculous place 🙂

"Thank you. You would appear to have changed my life :)"

– Emily Mumford (UK), February 2020



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If and of the free content I’ve created on this, or any other website of mine, has served in you any way at all…

Then… please consider making a donation to support this site!

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