COACHING: Continuing The Work

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Hello. If you’ve already had a free coaching conversation with me, and you’re interested in having further coaching conversations with me – to go deeper, great! – then you’re in the right place.

There are TWO coaching packages available, right now. And coaching conversations can be scheduled for every week, or two weeks or even every month. To get started…

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  1. If you haven’t already had a free coaching conversation with me, then please click/tap this link and let’s have that free conversation first.
  2. If you really want to commit yourself to working with me, then you might be interested in my longer term coaching programs. You can book an enrollment call with me here.


Coaching: Continuing The Work

Here are the TWO coaching packages available for you to choose from:

    – Get FIVE further transformative coaching conversations together
    – 5 weekly coaching conversations 60 minutes each
    – Cost: £750 GBP 
    – Get up to THREE further transformative coaching conversations together
    – 3 coaching conversations 60 minutes each
    – Introductory, special offer – only ONE TRIO package per client available
    – Cost: £250 GBP (save £200 on usual fee)


Why People Like You Continue to Work With Me…

The reasons clients (like you) want to continue working with me are many. They include the following:

  • You might want to understand more
  • You might want to have less anxiety, less suffering, and more ease
  • You might want your mojo back, to sleep better, to get on with your family or co-workers or partner better
  • You might want to get help with an important decision,
  • You might want to get over your OCD, etc…

Okay, enough.

I won’t “sell” you too much on the benefits of continuing to work with me, as hopefully our first conversation did all the “selling” necessary. I will, however, share this client testimonial that illustrates the value of continuing the coaching conversations together…


A Moment To Stop... (Testimonial)

Before my sessions with Steve I had very little patience with myself. I usually push myself too hard, and had forgotten to allow myself to rest, be understanding, and to enjoy and appreciate life...

Then Steve helped me stop and not only acknowledge myself, but also the world I live in - it helped me to appreciate all of my days, the good ones and the bad ones too.

Talking to Steve, in our conversations, is for me a moment to stop, calm myself and get on track again...

His understanding, his kinds words and his way of seeing things has been very helpful to me.

Thank you Steve for being the person you are, and for helping others with your work.

– AP, Business Coach (Spain)



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  1. The coaching calls can be taken weekly or bi-weekly, or at a schedule determined by yourself. However, all coaching conversations must be taken within 120 days (4 months) from time of purchase.
  2. The coaching calls will NOT be recorded.
  3. Cancellations: You can cancel our conversation up to 48 hours beforehand. If you cancel after this time, or you simply fail to show up at the arranged time without informing me at all, then that specific conversation will no longer be available to you – it will be considered used/taken.