COACHING: Beginning the Work

How to Work With Me 1-2-1

Right now, as of July 25th (2022), there are just THREE TWO ways you can work with me:

  1. You can have a FREE 1-2-1 coaching conversation (No longer offered.)
  2. Buy my TRIO Coaching Package (Special Offer: One-Time Only)
  3. Invest in one of my coaching programs


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Other Ways You Can Work With Me…

You don’t have to work with me 1-2-1 directly, to get the benefits of my work.

It’s all explained here…


(A) You don’t have to pay me to take advantage of my work.

“Thank you for another video that makes me smile. Your vulnerable humanness and desire to be honest with yourself (and us) is refreshing.”
– Pensa (Nov 2013)

Fact is, a lot of what I share with a client one-to-one can be accessed by you indirectly, without you paying me, via the following 5 FREE resources:

  1. VIDEOS: Thoughts About Feelings – more videos about being human
  2. VIDEOS: One Minute Wonder – opportunities to listen  and learn
  3. RESET: Short, daily Inside-Out ‘education’
  4. E-ZINE: Daily Delight – daily inspirational quotes
  5. E-BOOK: 11 Hidden Gems on (1-Page PDF Guide)

“I just came across your website, somehow and I just wanted you to know that I really like the honesty and playfulness of it. I have also done some 3P work and am in the process of transitioning life from old me to new me… Anyhow, just wanted to say good work and keep the faith!”
– Mark (Aug, 2014)


(B) You don’t have to talk with me to interact with my work.

“Thank you once more for the amazing ebook you offered today along with all the fantastic resources.”
– JH (Nov, 2017)

Similarly, a lot of what I share with a client one-to-one can be accessed by you indirectly, without you talking with me:

  1. TEACHABLE COURSE: Do You Really Want to Stop the Suffering? – a free guide to showing where your suffering comes from
  2. BOOK and E-BOOK: Conscious Living Quotes – my book of daily inspirational quotes could help point you in the right direction by itself

“That’s what I really like about your [blog]—you are so human, so present and come from your authentic self. I really love that about you and how you offer that so freely to our world.”
– Penelope (Nov, 2014)

So lovely to always receive your quotes and emails 😉 …As in one of your previous emails, unhappiness brings me to that inner search, as well as the desire to be more happy, as well as exhaustion from being the ‘happy’ the society or family members or my husband places on me-wow, thats a mouth full!! haha 😀 ”
– JHN (Sep, 2016)


Work With Me Another Way?

Do you have another way you’d like to work with me? Do you have a question I haven’t answered? Or, do you just want to reach out to me about something else?

In any and all cases please contact me here!

Thanks for reading – Steve.