Video: “What You Think Of Me Matters”

Who Am I?

WHO AM I? - An Introduction...

There is a "spiritual self-inquiry" that requires you to ask yourself, "Who am I?". It encourages a deep exploration into ego, personality, and any and other manifestations of Thought.


So I decided to record a series of personal, open and honest videos that explore my so-called 'personality' by way of looking at qualities, behaviours and traits that I seem to identify with (chosen at random as I shot the video).

Why? To get curious. To get curious about Who I Am - by looking at who I am not. That's why. It's all explained here, together with a menu of all the other 'who am I?' videos I recorded.


Oscar Wilder quote: "The final mystery is oneself." | Quote overlays large image of earth



VIDEO #11: I don’t like being thought of as thoughtless, selfish, mean, arrogant, nasty (or ‘not nice’)

(I don’t like being seen as ‘not caring’.)

Why not, Steve, because that’s who you are sometimes.

  • That’s what shows up in you, sometimes.
  • Is that not so?

So you don’t like people seeing you at your worst? Or, you don’t like people seeing the worst in you? Or, you don’t like what people think (if it’s something different to what you think)?


Can you really control what people think?

Can you?

Have you really got a massive box of people-remote-controls that you activate whenever you need a certain person to think or behave or do what you want them to?

By God, Steve, why have you been keeping this box to yourself? Bloody Steve Jobs would’ve made a fortune out of this magical box of yours by now!…

"What You Think of Me Matters " - Who Am I? #11 (5th Video) 11 What You Think About Me

(Seriously, didn’t you write a rather wonderful blog post on people pleasing a while back, that revealed a startling truth about people pleasing? ==> You’re only ever pleasing ‘yourself’.)

And didn’t you record a video on this subject 8 years ago, AND 3 years ago about these very words: “What you think of me is none of my business.”?)



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"What I most want is to spring out of this personality, then to sit apart from that leaping. I’ve lived too long where I can be reached." – Rumi


Serious question: if you don't know who you are - and really you don't! - then how on earth can you know that you are happy or unhappy?