What You’re Afraid Of?

Last Updated: March 9, 2021

You’re not afraid of what you think you’re afraid of…

You’re afraid of what you think.

You’re afraid of what thoughts you believe in.

You’re afraid of what you feel.

You’re afraid of what you’re projecting out into the world.

Michael Neill fear quote | image of world

You’re afraid of your imagination.

You’re angry about your anger, anxious about feeling anxious, frightened of being frightened.

When love could be the response to all. And understanding. And a neutral curiosity.

  • So you have a feeling or a thought.
  • You give it a label, give it a name (a meaning or explanation, a past event remembered or a future event imagined).
  • And then you react to what you just created, instead of just noticing (being with, or understanding) the original feeling or thought.

A neutral noticing or a reactionary response to something you made up in the moment. All in the unconscious blink of an eye. All an innocent misunderstanding. And all an invitation to remember Who You Truly Are instead.

An invitation you’re either not noticing or simply don’t want to accept.

That’s what your afraid of.

You’re afraid of yourself.

You’re afraid of what you might create.

You’re afraid of God, the universe, everything.

You’re afraid of life.

You’re afraid of NOW.

You’re afraid of being separate, somehow.

You’re afraid of what you think.

And you really don’t have to be. Afraid. Of anything.

You can just notice. With neutrality. The wonder of it all.

You can be curious.

About what you think. About what you’re believing. About what you feel. About what you make of what you’re feeling. About this moment.

You can be curious.

Can’t you?

“You’re not afraid of what you think you’re afraid of. You’re afraid of what you think.”
– Michael Neill


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