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Welcome home! My name is Steve M Nash, and I’m a transformative coach…

  • And I’d like to tell you a story (even though I don’t like telling stories)
  • A little story about me and the difference this Inside-Out understanding (aka The 3 Principles) has made to my life (and the lives of my clients)
  • A story that happened long before I became fascinated with the wisdom of others (the wisdom within) a la inspirational quotes…

Portrait of Steve M Nash, Aged Young (With Football, and Football Outfit)

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A Little About Me, Then

Steve M Nash (c) 2013

My name is Steve M Nash. I’m a certified transformative coach. And I’m not a fan of stories, it seems. Which is why I’ve found it difficult to share my story, even to myself.

But it’s become a little clearer to me, recently – a little simpler – and so I write this summary of who I am, and how I got to be writing these very words to you, just so you know that it hasn’t always been easy for me. And it still often isn’t. Easy. (Sound familiar?)

I shall start with this inspirational quote that has inspired and guided me since 2008…

“You can’t teach anybody anything, only make them realize the answers are already inside them.” – Galileo Galilei


I Used to Be A Miserable Man

Always too serious. Living in my head (because there was nowhere else to live). And angsting and anxious, and not usually smiling. I was a joy to be around, I was. So I found relationships with others difficult – imagine! – especially relationships with women, and ‘life’ didn’t really make sense to me.

Funny thing is, I didn’t ‘see’ and of this until I was about 35 (20 years ago at time of updating this page – Mar, 2021). I just thought the world was mean, women were fickle, and I just had to put up with it; yes, I took little to no responsibility for my life (why would I? It wasn’t me, after all, it was ‘them’!).

I didn’t see any of this, then, until I injured myself. A painful snapping feeling in my left leg. Playing badminton. (After years of playing badminton, and football/soccer, and never getting injured.)

I tore my soleus (calf) muscle, apropos of nothing, at the end of a game of men’s doubles we’d already lost but should have won. Ouch, that hurt!

Two significant things happened to me that day:

  1. I became directly aware of my ‘negativity’ (as mine) – a grouchy, grumpy dissatisfaction with others, in this case.
  2. I saw how this negativity ‘contributed’ to my injury (that’s what it felt like to me, anyway!).

Curious of my ‘new-found negativity’, anyway, and with time on my hands – because I could barely walk out of the house for the next few weeks! – I turned to self-help books. Books, teachings, videos… everything I could find on so-called self-improvement and spirituality. And it was then that I started to notice the full range of my negativity, my blaming others, my lack of confidence and low self-esteem. Ouch, that hurt too!


Michael Neill’s Supercoach Academy 2014…

Supercoach Academy 2014 Certified BadgeI’m a certified transformative coach.  My transformative coach training officially started Jan 2014 and completed in Sept. 2014.

It’s all about the grounding, though – deepening your understanding of the 3 Principles, your understanding of how life actually works – what authentic happiness, authentic living really means. And so my training actually began in Oct. 2012, when I bought and listened to Michael Neill’s Coaching from the Inside Out program.

Just in case you were wondering!



Then I Discovered The Inside-Out Understanding via Michael Neill

…The self-help didn’t help me, though. It asked me to look at my flaws, all the time, and to ‘fix myself’ (via other people’s wisdom), and to search and to strive and to stay unsatisfied… But somehow I just knew, knew that the answers lie within. (Which is why I liked the Galileo quote up above so much.)

And so I couldn’t resist joining Michael Neill’s Coaching from the Inside-Out program, in 2012, as soon as I became aware of it. Not least because of that expression, “Inside-Out.”

Then… I found the answer I’d been looking for all my life. Several Inside-Out programs later, and during Michael Neill’s renowned 9-month coach training, Supercoach Academy – as I delved deeper into the 3 Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought that describe the human experience – I found the answer I’d been looking for all my life; felt it, from within.

Yes, I saw that I was the answer, that I am the answer. (That’s the best way I can put it.) I understood where my ‘being human’ experience came from, everything started to make real sense, and I relaxed into just being me.

I was liberated from my troubles, from myself, and from my thinking. Even though I still got to experience them all from time to time, I was no longer identified with any of them. Fantastic!


Now I’m At Ease With Life, Myself, and Everyone – Mostly, Anyway

Nothing has changed, but everything is different. Just seeing where my experience of life is coming from – from within – helps me to take 100% responsibility for my life. Not for what happens, necessarily, but for the fact that it is created through me.

  • So now I am much more friendly and fearless, positive and confident, gracious and grateful.
  • I’m inspired to help others see this truth about life for themselves.
  • I’m okay being okay, and I’m okay not being okay

Not always, but often. And when I’m not that’s okay too, because I know how and where to look: within. (And this is now my definition of happiness.)

I still have flaws and failings, I still suffer when I don’t need to, and I still have ego. But… that’s just how it is, until it isn’t…

Thank you for reading my words.

With love,

Transformative Coach at SMNash.com & Editor of SelfHelpCollective.com

PS So that’s me, but how about you?

Would you like to tell me a bit about yourself, now…

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