Happiness, Suffering, The Inside-Out Understanding and YOU...

What if life could be simple? What if experiences like anxiety, anger or overwhelm could be okay and not need 'fixing'? What if feeling fulfilled and at ease with yourself (and others) required no forcing? Well, this is available NOW - via your understanding of The 3 Principles behind life, via your Inside-Out Understanding, via you...

"It feels extraordinary to have found you via the web and then be offered all these riches... and for free"

Just want to say a big thank you for your course on suffering (which I started late last night) and for the Daily Reset and for all the resources it takes you to. I watched a video about resistance this morning ( I have seen Rudi speak before but not the woman he was speaking with) - it feels extraordinary to have found you via the web and then be offered all these riches - so perfectly aligned with what I need - and for free!

The world is a truly miraculous place :)

Thank you. You would appear to have changed my life :)

— Emily Mumford (UK), February 2020

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About the Author

Angry, confused, frustrated, 'troubled' and generally uncomfortable in my own skin. Yep, that was me before I came across the three principles understanding, via Michael Neill in October 2012. 

The 15 years of self-help and spirituality that came before helped a little, of course. But it's this understanding that has singularly made the most difference to my life (so far). Now life just makes so much more sense. So much so that I now seem to have more peace of mind; relationships are easier, especially wtih myself; and I know to listen most to NOWness of life itself.

Simply put: I am much less afraid of my life experience, much less afraid of yours. 

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