Transformative Life Coaching and You

– The Inside Out Understanding That Changes ALL!

My name is Steve M Nash, and I practice transformative life coaching, based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire (UK). And right now I’d like to invite you into a meaningful conversation about the human experience, as my mentor Michael Neill might put it.  I have to use words here to do so, but it’s a ‘feeling’ I’d like you to notice…


About Transformative Life Coaching

So, first words first. Let me talk a little about transformative life coaching – what it is, and why it’s radically different to traditional life coaching. [ Skip to summary? ] More a spiritual coaching, it is based on the Inside Out understanding of the human experience (aka The Three Principles, as first advocated by Sydney Banks).

It can help you with the typical objectives of life coaching – the things that matter to every human being:

  • More Focus
  • Getting Unstuck
  • A More Enjoyable Life
  • Accessing Your Confidence
  • Improved Work/Life Balance
  • Less Stress, More Ease
  • Feeling Fulfilled
  • More Clarity
  • Better Relationships
  • Help With Career Changes
  • New Insights About Life
  • Facing Your Fears
  • Less Anxiety
  • Etc.

But transformative life coaching is much more than this.

It’s a pointer to the truth of Who You Are, to how life works (and has always worked), to where problems by their very nature come from (answer: created by you, via the Principles of Thought.)

Transformative life coaching is, if you will, waking up (and taking the red pill):

  • It is the sowing of a seed that awakens wisdom inside of you that will continue to yield its rewards till the day you die.
  • A conversation as old as the human race itself
  • It’s a journey into the ‘formless’, where all the answers lie.

I told you it wasn’t like ordinary life coaching, didn’t I! And sometimes one transformative coaching conversation is all it takes


What a Wonderful Session.

Steve’s approach to coaching is unique, intelligent and deeply perceptive. Rather than the formal session I was expecting, he spoke to me as both an old friend and an exciting new connection at the same time. I never felt that Steve thought he had all the answers, rather, throughout our session he subtly used his intuition to question and guide me out of the fog that was clouding my mind, and out into the sunny place I felt I’d lost. I found Steve to be genuine and generous throughout the session – I felt that he ‘knew’ me astoundingly quickly, and was able to remind me of who I was, and encourage me to find myself again.

As I walked away, I found that my mind felt clear and calm, with a renewed sense of optimism…
– Beth, Todmorden (UK)

Note: this was after my first ever transformative life coaching conversation with a client! It took place at The Bear cafe in Todmorden in January, 2014.


More About Transformative Life Coaching

In short, a transformative life coaching conversation gives you the freedom to create the life you want – to be less prone to your negative habits, for example, that get in your way (e.g. people pleasing, self-doubt, acting from fear) and more aware (and grateful) of the positive ones (e.g. creativity, determination and wanting to make a difference).

And you don’t have to be spiritual to benefit from transformative life coaching:

  • Just an awareness of the power of love will do;
  • or a recognition that wisdom and inspiration can come from ‘nowhere’;
  • or how about a ‘feeling’ that there is more to this life than meets the eye.

(And if this is all sounding a bit too gobble-de-gook or New Age for you – apologies, it is VERY REAL what I’m trying to describe with just words – then please check out these three best-selling books based on the understanding behind transformative coaching: Invisible Power, The Little Book of Clarity and The Inside Out Revolution.)

Of course other forms of life coaching can ‘make a difference’ – you can never underestimate the power of sharing, of being vulnerable with another human being – but the ‘hamster wheel’ and ‘rat race’ remains (it seems to me).

Understanding the Inside Out paradigm (transformative coaching) – the fundamentals of how life works, of how you work – is quite literally transformative, and liberating – and it really does change everything!


Rumi quotes: born with potential -> transformative coaching


What Transformative Life Coaching is NOT About…

So transformative life coaching does not depend on techniques – just listening, noticing, wondering.

  • There is simply no need for MOTIVATION mantras, task-setting techniques, or stress-releasing strategies when you deepen your Inside Out Understanding of how your life works!

There is just your understanding, and you – and what you are open to receiving in any given moment.

NOTE: this is not counselling or psychotherapy, either – you are encouraged to share your stories, yes, and the details of your life. But we will speak about love, and the space from where wisdom and guidance and answers come from. That is all.

(Answers are not found in our stories, believe it or not – the content of our thinking. Instead, they are found in deeply realising that you are the creator of these stories, and you can choose your experience of them, your fears for the future, and the understanding that you really are okay, as is, right now.)

I call this understanding – this realisation, seeing it for yourself – being unstoppable.


Transformative Life Coaching: How and Where Do I Work?

Steve M Nash portrait, Hebden Bridge (c) 2013

Steve (c) 2014

I live in Holmfirth, so I offer one-to-one transformative coaching (hourly sessions, half- and 1-day intensives) to those who live in and around the following areas – in person, or via Skype/phone:

• Leeds, Bradford, Huddersfield, Halifax
• Brighouse, Holmfirth, Hebden Bridge, Todmorden
• And other areas in West Yorkshire

As well as coaching in person, I offer Skype or phone sessions too – some of my recent clients have come as far afield as India, Spain, and Germany. Which really means I offer transformative life coaching:

• Person to person, or anywhere there’s an internet/phone connection


(Prefer more traditional life coaching? Live local? I’m sure both Andy Lee @ or Adele Doxey @ or Tee Liburd @ would be happy to hear from you. 🙂 )


More About Transformative Life Coaching is NOT

So I am not here to fix you! (How could I be, when it’s my contention that there’s nothing wrong with you!) I am here to wake you up. Then, awakened, you do whatever it is that you want to do. Or not. (It really doesn’t matter, either way, you’ll come to see – a real liberation!)

  • There will be no CBT, EFT or NLP! This is not hypnosis. This is not meditation or mindfulness (though you may find yourself more mindful, naturally, afterwards). This is not any other technique or practice or anything. This is waking you up to be yourself. That is all.

This is simply an experience of helping you see who you are – a feeling of love, a sense of being guided, a ‘knowing’ that you are okay.

Yes, it IS okay to fail! It is okay to be wrong! It is okay to look foolish sometimes! And one day (soon, I hope) you will understand this – an understanding you feel deep down in your heart and soul; you will KNOW YOU ARE ENOUGH, whatever happens!

(That is what is on offer with transformative life coaching!)

And then, then my dear friend, you will know it’s okay to live as YOU!… 🙂


Jack Pransky quote | face - about transformative life coaching


Transformative Life Coaching: A Summary and an Invitation

A meaningful conversation about the human experience (the Inside Out understanding); a deep listening that goes beyond your stories; a pointing towards the truth of Who You Are – transformative life coaching is so much more than traditional forms of life coaching.

It is an invitation to become unstoppable – no more, no less!

An invitation to stop your innocent misuse of thinking – to let go of the meanings you’ve come to create for yourself:

  • To help with creativity, focus and clarity (a work/life balance)
  • To help with self-esteem issues, stress and addictions (healthy lifestyle)
  • To help with gratitude, grace and peace of mind (health and wellbeing)

Transformative life coaching can deepen your self-awareness and awareness of others. You can learn to listen better – to your body, your wisdom, and to others. You will gain a freedom to express yourself, to make mistakes sometimes.

You will learn to welcome gentleness more, self-love and inner wisdom

Transformative coaching can help any area of your life where thinking is involved!

You’re not afraid of what you think you’re afraid of – you’re afraid of what you think.
– Michael Neill


Thank you Steve for being the person you are…

Before my sessions with Steve I had very little patience with myself. I usually push myself too hard, and had forgotten to allow myself to rest, be understanding, and to enjoy and appreciate life…

Then Steve helped me stop and not only acknowledge myself, but also the world I live in – it helped me to appreciate all of my days, the good ones and the bad ones to0.

Talking to Steve, in our conversations, is for me a moment to stop, calm myself and get on track again…

His understanding, his kinds words and his way of seeing things has been very helpful to me.
– AP, Madrid (Spain)

Note: This testimonial, from coaching via Skype, came in January 2016…


Transformative Life Coaching Invitation

I invite you to earn to listen to yourself, find your strength, and hear your answers…

  • Judgement free, safe to share, no techniques
  • A deep listening, connection, and space to see what comes
  • And there is absolutely no commitment to any further coaching!

This is simply an invitation to discuss the Inside Out nature of YOUR experiences

So enter you email below and let’s schedule a meaningful, transformative
conversation about life…

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