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'Wonderful & Marvelous - Daily Empowering Quotes'

Hi, I'm Steve M Nash – transformative coach, and editor of and guru-free self-help site,

I'm also the publisher of inspirational newsletters The Weekly Wonder & Monday Musings. Some flatteringly call me the "King of quotations"...

Empowering Quotes Ebook About You!…

The thing is, I wrote an inspirational ebook, a while back, and published it on Amazon!

Called 'Wonderful & Marvelous – Daily Empowering Quotes (About You!)', it contains 365 daily empowering quotes, costs less than US$2, and I think it's rather wonderful, rather marvelous!...

Hence this page. And the links below, that help you buy it at Amazon...

Amazon UK

Amazon India

Amazon Japan

Amazon Canada

Amazon Germany

Amazon France

Amazon Spain

Amazon Italy

Amazon Brazil

Amazon Mexico

Amazon Australia

(So many Amazons, so little time!...)

Thank you. And I do hope you enjoy,

PS If you do buy it then please leave a review - it's only been reviewed once, at time of writing :-(

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