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What Online Coaching Is, Where to Find It, and My Offering…

Idea for a helpful page about online life coaching… Check. Inspirational coaching quote found, and placed in an image… Check. Resources researched on main areas of coaching online… Check. Great (competing) life coaching websites listed… Check. Compelling sign-up to my own life coaching offering added… Check.

Okay then, let the ‘life coaching online’ explanations begin…

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About Online Life Coaching

Hmm, what else is there to say here about life coaching online is other than online life coaching is life coaching that happens online.

  • Via Skype. Or Zoom. Or Facetime. Or…
  • And it could be one-to-one, or one-to-many (group coaching).
  • And sessions could last 30 minutes or an hour or even all day, I guess.

It’s essentially a conversation between two or more people, virtually face to face, but not physically face to face.

(Is that enough about that? Hope so. Other than to say life coaching is really one human being finding a way to “get the best out of” another human being – related to work, leadership, career, business, relationships, physical health, mental health or even simply about being human.)


The Tools of an Online Coach

So now let’s familiarise ourselves (a little) with the tools of an online life coach

NLP: Neuro Linguistic Programming.

I’m going to call NLP an uber-modelling of behaviour, an uber-exercise-in-reverse-engineering. I’m going to congratulate NLP on being a fantastic help, back in the day, to oh-so-many suffering souls, and those who wanted to master their phobias and even to achieve great things in life. (My, Tony Robbins, how you’ve grown.) I’m not going to linger too long on the creepy-naturedness of it. (Hey, just my perspective!)


CBT: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

I’m going to call CBT a by-the-numbers somewhat-prescriptive almost-there look at thinking – cos you create your reality via the thoughts you have in your head, don’t you know. Backed by governments around the world (over more highly qualified (and human) forms of psychotherapy and counselling) cos it seems to give measurable results (or does it?). It’s not for me, but it might be for you…


Mindfulness: (A form of meditation)

Mindfulness is all the rage these days, it seems. And, like yoga, it really is a great tool to help you start to notice yourself more – what you think, how you feel, what troubles you, etc. A mindful person IS going to be a calmer person, less prone to bouts of anger and depression, and maybe even more prone to acts of creativity. (But without an emphasis on ‘the Inside-Out truth’, it isn’t enough (for me, anyway).)


Spiritual Coaching: (About the formless not the form?)

Hmm, I guess this is coaching based around a particular spiritual understanding. Be that an understanding (or faith) that is called Christianity or Buddhism or even Islam. Or be it an understanding that is more ‘spiritual not religious’ (oops, sorry, Buddhists) like non-duality or angels (?) or even the 3 Principles (aka the Inside-Out Understanding). What can I say, I’m a fan (man!)…


Energy Healing:

Er, this might go by the name of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or Tapping), Angelic Healing, Reiki, Psychic Healing, Access Bars, Remote Viewing, etc etc. I’ve tried out Acupuncture, and Homeopathy too. And, and… And everything is energy, so why wouldn’t energy healing be useful? It is useful, but just concentrating on effects and not CAUSE limits its usefulness (in my opinion). (For CAUSE, I recommend checking out Jeff Foster or Rupert Spira or Byron Katie or Eckhart Tolle or even ME!)


Online Life Coaching Tools: It’s Up To You

Choose your own ‘poison’.

Yes, it’s up to you (of course!) what type of online life coaching you go for, or what appeals to you right now. But whatever you find works for you, this simple fact of you remains. REMEMBER: YOU ARE A HUMAN BEING.

And ANY achievement (ailment, or suffering or healing) you experience is because of the simple fact that you are a human being, rather than ANY mentoring modality, healing heuristics, or tales of Truth you get exposed to.

Okay? Do you get that? Re-read if not.

(My own mentor Michael Neill, for example, studied NLP and personal and other development ‘modalities’ for many, many years. Without these guiding techniques and strategies and methods, it could be argued, he would not have come across Steve Chandler who wouldn’t have introduced him to George Pransky who wouldn’t have revealed the 3 Principles understanding to him. (Now Michael doesn’t share NLP anymore!))

Your journey is your journey. It twists and it turns. And there is no such thing as a wrong turn.

Throughout it, though, you… are… a… human… being.

(So I’ll leave the choice of online life coaching approach entirely up to you, because you know best for you, you do – instinctively so!)


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Where To Find It, Then – This Online Life Coaching

Where to find it? Er, online!

Hah, keep reading as “there’s more”, I promise…

Whether you’re interested in spiritual coaching, traditional life coaching, business coaching, career coaching, executive coaching, leadership coaching or some other kind of coaching not mentioned, you could do a lot worse than check out this small-ish list of websites first…

And here are a few specific individual online life coach sites:

And this site is also about online life coaching

And you can find a great directory of fellow 3 Principles coaches here. (Because, that’s what I am, too – a 3 Principles transformative coach, 3 Principles mentor or even a Three Principles Facilitator – one that practices online, as well as in person…)


NOW… About My Online Life Coaching

So, I’m a certified transformative coach. And another name you could give me is 3 Principles Practitioner. You could think of me as a spiritual life coach. And yet another (more radical) name is this: loving human being.

But let’s just talk about my being a transformative coach, shall we.

Trained (in 2014) via Michael Neill’s much-esteemed 9-month international coach training called Supercoach Academy, I share the 3 Principles understanding with my clients, online via Skype or Zoom or even in person (for those lucky enough to live in the West Yorkshire area of UK).

(Here’s an example of my work with a client in 2015: life coaching onlineAnd here’s another example I’m going to call: spiritual coaching.)

I guess, right now, I specialise in classic life coaching, meaning I cover these areas:

Reducing STRESS/anxiety,
ACHIEVING more in life, and

BUT… I don’t do it from a place of ‘fixing’, of providing strategies or solutions, or even of ‘healing’.

Nope. I don’t need to do that. And all because, once my clients see for themselves the Inside-Out nature of the human experience (a la The 3 Principles description of life as first advocated by Sydney Banks), they start to find their own solutions, in the moment by moment of their lives, and they do so naturally.

BECAUSE: “See” The 3 Principles – access inner wisdom –  get out of own way – live/do/create/play/enjoy/accept/heal/grow/live – repeat (forever).


The thing is, this 3 Principles understanding can be applied to ANY human activity or exploit (well any activity that involves thinking) – it really does help you find the ultimate answer, it does. So you’ll find 3 Principles online life coaching in areas like… business coaching, career coaching, executive coaching, leadership coaching, spiritual coaching etc.

Back to me. Cos it’s all about me, after all. Hah!…


Online Life Coaching: My Offering

The best way for you to find about me as an online life coach is to, er, find out.

And don’t be put off by the slight attitude with words that you might perceive here, I’m a big softy really, and – eek, scary word coming – I’m very loving. I’m also a very BIG FAN of HUMAN BEINGS and the potential that we ALL have inside of us.

I like to talk about happiness, ease, non-resistance, taking responsibility and love. But most of all I like to listen.

But you can find out more for yourself, for free, below…