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Imagine being less anxious, less of a worrier, and less of the person you like the least. Imagine being more confident, more creative, and more of the person who’s at ease. And imagine allowing yourself to be deeply impacted by what you already know… These free videos, blog posts, and inspirational quotes show you how – a free transformation, no less!

So the intention behind this free transformation page is to simply offer a quick guide to a variety of free materials to help the transformative message ‘hit home’, whether you’re new to the 3 Principles understanding, or just new to this site. Starting now…


1. LEARN – How To Use This Site

What follows are some basic instructions to making the most out of this site, and the Inside-Out understanding of the human experience that it shares:

  • Listen for a feeling, rather than ‘try to understand’ (your intellect is the problem here, not the solution), thus
  • Let yourself ‘not know’…

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Why Are You Here Anyway?…

Why are you here – on this website, on this planet – right now?
Or what’s troubling you the most these days? Or… what
single thing would you most like to get some help with?


1. Are you here because of your feelings?

Are you feeling  ? (More feelings discussed here!)


2. Are you here to make an ‘impact’?

Do you have that feeling that there’s more to you, more to
life? Is now time for you to contribute and share your gift?
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3. Just want to know more about being human?

Do you know a little about these 3 Principles (as formulated
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