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Get Your Questions About ‘Life’ Answered – Quickly!

Have you got a problem that you’d like some help with?

A health concern, a relationship issue, or maybe it’s a money worry?

Do you just want some peace of mind, or is something just not right? Are you curious how the 3 Principles understanding might apply to you! Introducing my email coaching service…

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Yes, why not try out my brand new transformative coaching by email service:

  • Simply ask your question, or pose your problem
  • And I shall respond, by email, within 24 hours1
  • And you Pay What You Can AFTERWARDS,
    – ONLY if you feel you’ve been helped.
    (Suggested email coaching fee USD$25)

I’ll even answer a follow-up question2, should you have one. Interested? Great. Simply fill out this form, and get your question answered!


Get Your Questions Answered Form:

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1. The 24-hour response time only applies between Monday to Friday
2. Follow-up question is ONLY answered to those who pay something, naturally.
3. Your email address is safe, and it will not be added to any mailing list.


Pros and Cons of Email Coaching:


  1. Get a response to your problem/question within 24 hours
  2. No need to make time in your schedule for on-to-one-coaching
  3. Take your time with the answer  – sit with it, be with it, just you
  4. Don’t pay anything unless you’re happy with the answer you receive


  1. Email coaching gives only a small taste of tranformative coaching
  2. Not the same connection, or ‘being space’ as one-to-one coaching

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(Paraphrased) Email Coaching Qs Already Answered:

  • HEALTH concern:
    “I am suffering from loss. Also have unpleasant rash from my meds. How can you think good thoughts when suffering so?”
    “I can’t live without a man. And I fear feeling rejected. There are two guys I’m interested, one who seems to like me. Which one should I approach?”
  • About PEACE OF MIND:
    “How can I feel happy when I’m not?”
  • About The 3 PRINCIPLES:
    “How do the 3 Principles apply to procrastination?
  • About PEACE OF MIND:
    “I would like to find myself again, be more in control of my thoughts.”

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