Easy Living, Easy Working, Easy YOU!…

Transformative Coaching via You, Me & The 3 Principles!

On offer here, simply, is the art of stress-free living, deeply understood (by YOU). A Three Principles coaching conversation between you and I that can result in:

  1. More EASE with your anxieties, frustrations and feelings of overwhelm.
    (More ease with your dis-ease.)
  2. More EASE with what you create in the world, at work or at play.
    (More trust in your self.)
  3. More EASE in your relationships with others.
    (More love, less fear.)

And NONE of this requires you to ‘do’ or ‘be fixed’ or ‘to change’.

Just a deepening of your understanding of The 3 Principles, and a direct experience of What It Means To Be YOU.

what is 3 Principles Coaching? | Pawn & Queen image

Several transformative coaching possibilities available


Who is 3 Principles Coaching For?

Everyone. Yes, that’s the dumb, helps no-one, answer to this question. 3 Principles coaching is for everyone, or every human being that is struggling or striving or straining; or it’s for anyone that thinks, and makes ‘something’ of their thinking.

Or anyone struggling with list of human behaviours or experiences:

3 Principles Coaching Works With Anyone Struggling With…


ANXIETY, Fears & Phobias
Social Anxiety
Addiction Recovery
Panic Attacks
PERFORMANCE / ‘Motivation’
Time Management
Finding Your ‘Purpose’
Career Change
Retirement / Redundancy
Work/Life Balance


Relationships / Breakups

Self-Love / Self-Worth
Energy and VITALITY
Personal ‘Development’


3 Principles Coaching: More About YOU?

Chances are you are capable (more than you realise), or you are creative in some way, or you are committed.

And as this understanding has profoundly impacted me, introduced a real self-ease, there is no reason why transformative coaching – a conversation about the Inside-Out understanding – would not transform your life similarly. Especially if the following applies to you:

  • You maybe looking for something ‘more’: You might be a self-help junkie, a spiritual seeker, or someone who is ‘troubled’ by life and just wants to find an answer (that helps).
  • Or maybe this is your life: You feel unsatisfied (un-stretched, un-fulfilled, unhappy…), or you just want your life to be better
  • Or maybe you simply want to fall in love with life

Or there is some other dis-ease within you?

And working with me, via transformative coaching, will simply act as a reminding that there is no dis-ease, there is just You. Yes, as a transformative coach (3 principles coach), I can help you:

  • Remember and recognise your power
  • See and feel where ALL your answers lie
  • Deepen your understanding of all human experience (especially yours!)

Such a simple understanding. Yet so easy to forget, or over-complicate!

  • This understanding changes everything with success, happiness, emotional well-being… and YOU!


My Client Jennifer Says It Best…

The thing that stands out the most for me is you saying nothing has to be forced.

If something happens it happens, if it doesn’t, it doesn’t. I felt so relieved to hear that. All the pressure is taken off and I just have to be me and not worry about doing something or getting somewhere.
– Jennifer, Canada

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Who Transformative Coaching is NOT For!

Not everyone is willing, it seems, to ‘let be’. Some want to ‘fix’, to ‘control’, and to ‘know’ – they are unable to welcome uncertainty (or so they think). So 3 Principles Coaching (Transformative Coaching) with me will work best for those, then, that are able access these 3 traits from within you:

  • Those unable to let curiosity be their guide, occasionally, to let their  “I don’t know” be an answer
  • Those unable to set aside their intellect, for a while, to ignore the “I’ve heard it all before” thinking..

This is a journey for taking full responsibility, for letting go of the excuses, of visions of the past/future because – would you believe it! – that’s where ‘EASE’ and ‘EASY’ is actually hiding, behind the excuses and stories!

  • Also, transformative coaching is not for positive thinking junkies, fans of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP… or CBT, EFT or any other Three Letter Acronym…), or anyone dedicated to the latest must-know self-help techniques.

None of this is needed in the work that we would do together – none of this is needed to simply Be Who You Already Are…



Transformative Coaching: Who Am I To Help You?

Steve M Nash pic taken in Hebden Bridge (UK) in 2013

Steve, Hebden Bridge (UK)

Hello, my name is Steve M Nash, and I’m a certified transformative coach.  I used to be a (very) shy boy. I used to be the world’s biggest worrier, too. And, honestly – looking back – most of my life has been lived miserably, and discontentedly.

But now, via an ever deepening feeling/understanding of the 3 principles – I graduated as a transformative coach at Michael Neill’s Supercoach Academy in 2014 – my experience of life has irreversibly changed, for the better.

I feel unstoppable, at ease with myself and with life, and more able to connect with ALL other human beings… more and more and more.


How Does Transformative Coaching With Me Work, Then?…

You talk, I listen, you listen… There’s no judgement; it’s safe to share

It’s usually a Skype conversation, but coaching can be in person or by phone

The wisdom of the moment speaks; we hear insights, see & feel things afresh
(And the inside out nature of the human experience, aka the three principles, is always present. My grounding helps “the stories” lose their power over you.)


Personal Note: Whether you and me and 3 Principles coaching ‘work’, though, depends quite a lot, I’ve found, on how you and I connect. Yes, good ol’ human rapport. My clients usually ‘like’ me. How I express my humanness – via a blog post or e-zine newsletter or video I’ve shared with them via SMNash.com – my appearance, or even just a ‘calling’.

That’s why I always offer a first, free introductory coaching conversation to all my clients and potential clients. So you can find out for yourself.



Ready, Then, For a Simpler Life of EASE?

(My 3 Principle Coaching Offers)

Well all that remains for me to do, now, is share my transformative coaching offers with you. With the wish that you and I could soon be engaged in a transformative coaching conversation – an opportunity to marvel at you, at life, and at the wonders that come from that cherished space of silence. Interested?…


Your email address is safe. And you will not be added to any mailing lists!
I will simply send you an email to arrange a time to talk about coaching with me!


What My Clients Say About Me…

  • “Our work absolutely surpassed my expectations.”
    – Christopher B., Switzerland
  • “I would wholeheartedly recommend Steve as a Transformative Coach. His easy going manner and huge smile, immediately invite you to relax into a safe space, which by the way I never thought would be possible via Skype! Time and time again he gently guided me to look towards my own wisdom…”
    – Helen B., UK
  • “I had a life-changin breakthrough in just [my first] session.”
    – R., India
  • “Steve helped me to find inner peace again. For long period of time I was suffering from depressions triggered by my health condition and I wasn’t able to find the way out of my despair and hopelessness.”
    – Michelle, Slovakia
  • “I am less afraid to show up for my life… There is more ease in the “low” moments, more laughter and joy in the “high” times, and more peace in between.”
    – Lik Fenix, Germany

Check out Steve’s transformative coaching offers!


Benefits of Transformative Coaching: A Reminder

Essentially, transformative coaching is about not taking your thinking so seriously, tuning in to your inner knowing, taking responsibility for your experiences and thus being more creative in ALL areas of life and love. And the symptoms of such transformation work can look like this, YOU:

  • Slow your thinking down – get peace of mind
  • Boost your self esteem – let go of the limiting labels
  • Start being kinder to yourself – feel more okay being you
  • Recognise your strength (intuition and inner knowing)
  • Enjoy being you more – less struggle, less need to control
  • Live a more wonderful, resilient life (ride the waves of life)
  • Deepen your grounding (of the 3 principles behind life/you)
  • Have better relationships (with yourself, others and romantically)
  • Feel your power – be guided by fear less, and inner wisdom more

Still not sure? Well, let’s talk!



Thank you for reading. All the way. To the end. Now please read the PS…

Certified Transformative Coach

PS Allow yourself to show up more to life, to better welcome whatever comes your way – be it love, work, healthy, relationships, even success! I invite you to see the inside out nature of the human experience, the inside out nature of you. I offer an invation to permit yourself to be you. Let’s get started, shall we!