“I Am a Certified Transformative Coach!”

– About My Supercoach Academy 2014 Transformative Coach Training, The 3 Principles, Insights and More!

  • What, exactly, is a certified transformative coach?
  • And what’s Michael Neill’s Supercoach Academy 2014, The Three Principles, and ‘insights’ got to do with it?

Well, I became a certified transformative coach by taking part in Supercoach Academy 2014. And I’d like to use this page to talk about the 9-month transformative coach training I received, the 3 principles too maybe, and I could even share an insight or two with you, too (ooh!)…

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About Supercoach Academy 2014

Supercoach Academy is an internationally renowned 9-month coach training founded and run by Michael Neill.

  • It involved 4 live weekends of trainings (3.5 days) – Foundation weekend: Santa Monica (Jan); Connection weekend: New York (March); Creation weekend: London (May); and Integration and Expansion weekend: Santa Monica (Sept)
  • It included 14 virtual masterclasses in the Inside Out understanding of the human experience
  • It included 14 virtual group pod calls, and regular supervision from respective pod leaders
  • It included a who’s who of 3 Principles teachers, including George & Linda Pransky, Mara Gleason & Dr Aaron Turner, Cathy Casey & Dr Mark Howard and others (see below)
  • Certification required logging 50 (half hour minimum) coaching sessions, at least 15 of which had to be paid for by clients, with 3 sessions being recorded and reviewed


Basically, it was a 9-month immersion into the 3 principles behind the human experience, with the world’s best teachers, and shared in a way that encouraged participants to deepen their understanding and enable them to share it – to become, in fact, transformative coaches.

Personally, I found Supercoach Academy 2014 it to be a wonderful experience. I found the other 80 participants a stimulating and wonderful part of that experience (as many of them found me). I had so many powerful insights into the human experience, into my experience of being human. I am a changed man, a different man – but the same man, too.

Connection, presence, and well-being are a part of our ‘factory settings.’
– Michael Neill


About The 3 Principles

I’ll not talk about the 3 principles here, thinking that if you don’t know what they are then you’ll click the link above (or this one: 3 principles)

Suffice to say that understanding the 3 principles forms the core of the coach training (it forms the core of the human experience, so it must).

Suffice to say that deepening your understanding of the inside out nature of the human experience is helped when you get to listen to esteemed 3 principles teachers listed below:


Supercoach Academy 2014 Teachers/Guides

Live Trainings
Cathy Casey &
Dr Mark Howard,
Mara Gleason,
Dr Aaron Turner,
George Pransky &
Linda Pransky

Michael Neill
Elsie Spittle,
Joe Bailey,
Ken Manning &
Robin Charbit,
Dr Keith Blevins
& Valda Monroe,
Linda Pransky,
Erika Bugbee
& Kara Stambeck
Dicken Bettinger,
Christine Heath,
Sandy Krot,
George Pransky,
Garret Kramer,
Jack Pransky,
Don Donovan,
Rudi Kennard & Jenny Kennard

Live trainings were from Thurs to Sun (3.5 days). Masterclasses lasted 90 minutes.

Going faster doesn’t really help when you are going in the wrong direction.
– Michael Neill


About My Insights

I’m going to share some unedited insights I had during Supercoach Academy (SCA) 2014 – my training to become a certified transformative coach.

About Grounding (Feb 2014)

Sara, maybe our grounding is about how okay we are with our experience, in the moment, whatever our experience is?

About Being Yourself (May, 2014)

So what does being yourself look like a la the 3 principles?


    • Be creative, be inspired, let life flow through you as much as you can. Access your wisdom. Get out of your own way, and let ‘God’ do her thing! [MIND]
    • Be aware of yourself, and the thoughts that you think and believe in; have this awareness of others; extend this awareness to groups, nations, genders; and know that this awareness can never stop deepening in you. Know your wisdom. [CONSCIOUSNESS]
    • Enjoy your thinking, but don’t get attached to your thoughts; act on your thinking, but don’t get attached to the outcome of your actions; and know that no one else alive thinks the exact same thoughts as you. Act on your wisdom. [THOUGHT]

About ‘Answers’  (June 2014)

Imagine if the answer to the client’s problem was to be found in the space/silence between what the two of you were saying.

Imagine, then, if the point of the conversation, the point of what you two were talking about, was ONLY so that there could be that space, that silence!

There is nothing you can do that will quiet the mind faster than doing nothing to quiet the mind.
– Michael Neill


About Transforming Into a Certified Transformative Coach

I wasn’t a coach before I started Supercoach Academy. Yes, I’d been giving loving (and not-so-loving) advice to friends and family alike all my life. But, still, I wasn’t a coach. So I had some interesting ‘thinking’ when it came to being a ‘coach’ that, thankfully I managed to let go of as the coach training progressed…

  • At first, I listened to the coaching exercise instructions and thought whether I could do them – sometimes I just couldn’t, and subsequently had my worst experiences of SCA (antagonising fellow students on occasions – oops!).
  • But the more I realised coaching meant being myself, the more I enjoyed the coaching exercises – whatever they entailed! – the more I listened to the exercise instructions as an instruction for me to show up as myself. And transformative coaching just got easier and easier for me. (I’m a specialist in being myself – hah!)

This was perhaps my biggest learning from the whole Supercoach Academy 2014 training. And even though transformative coaching was talked about like this, it’s something I had to see/feel for myself, had to make my own.

And I have.

And, thus, here I am…

Image of Steve holding is transformative coaching certificate


We try so hard to remember to live by the wisdom and insights of others that we forget the source of that wisdom is inside us as well.
– Michael Neill



Now you know.

I am a certified transformative coach, and… and I’m open for business!