A FREE “Happiness Audit”

An Introductory Coaching Conversation Between You & Me

Let’s you and me talk. Let’s talk about you, about life, about happiness. Let’s talk.

Let’s take an audit. Let’s see how you see things, let’s see what’s troubling you, let’s see how I can be of help to you. Let’s take an audit.

Let’s wonder about happiness. Let’s think of it as peace of mind, or more ease and less stress, or loving life (and enjoying being you). Let’s call it playfulness or creativeness, or doingness.  Let’s label it ‘better relationships’. Or let’s let it mean ‘getting’ the 3 Principles. Let’s wonder about happiness. For just 30 minutes.

And let’s begin all that now, shall we, either by scheduling an appointment directly, or getting further information first…

I felt safe enough to share with him things about myself that I haven’t told anyone before. It wasn’t asked for, it just seemed a natural thing to do, as if I was talking to a confidant that I had known for years.
– Alison S. (UK)


Free AUDIT: What’s In It For You?

  1. You get to talk about happiness, anxiety, peace of mind…
  2. You get to talk about the 3 Principles understanding
  3. You get YOUR specific questions answered
  4. You get to see for yourself what working with me feels like
  5. And we’ll ONLY continue to work together if we BOTH want to do so…

And your email address is perfectly safe; it won’t be added to a mailing list. I’ll simply email you further details with a link to book some time. And coaching is available worldwide, via Skype/Zoom. (Or in person, if you live near West Yorkshire.)


And if you just want to book something NOW

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Let’s You and I Talk, Then?

Powerful, nonjudgemental, and accepting…

I experienced your presence to be very powerful, nonjudgmental and accepting and it was very easy to speak with you.
– Karolina G., Cyprus

So would YOU like to see what it feels like to be coached by me? What it would feel like to experience clarity and focus and inner resilience again! What it would feel like to embrace uncertainty, to breathe into fear, and to welcome your darkness. What it would feel like to KNOW, deep deep down, that ALL IS OKAY…

Steve as a little football-playing boy | Huddersfield, UK (c) 1970s

Let’s begin this then, shall we!…


Simply fill in your details above, and let the “happiness audit” begin!

  • With no commitments to any further coaching conversations
  • With no pressure, no self-help techniques, no selling
  • Just 30 minutes for you and I to talk together…