Experience For Yourself the “Magic” of a Transformative Coaching Conversation

Ill at ease, want ‘more’ from work/life/relationships, or just interested in ‘magic’?

…Well, a conversation about the 3 Principles understanding with me will help: a conversation about how you see life, and about how I see it; and your direct experience of what it means to be a Real-Life (Flawed ‘n’ Fabulous) Human Being.

And all from a free, introductory transformative coaching conversation with me:

  • With no commitments to any further coaching conversations
  • With no pressure, no self-help techniques, no selling
  • Just an hour or so to let the ‘magic’ happen…

So would you like to see what it feels like to work with me?


Experience For Yourself, For Free? Let’s Begin!…

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“Powerful, nonjudgemental and accepting”…

Karolina had a first, introductory coaching conversation with me (in March, 2017) and this is her unsolicited emailed response she sent to me almost straightaway afterwards…

It was wonderful to speak with you today and I feel that my heart is open and strong right now 🙂 I experienced your presence to be very powerful, nonjudgmental and accepting and it was very easy to speak with you (to be honest, over the past 4 years I’ve spoken with dozens of 3P coaches but I never decided to touch this topic so directly and fully).

Karolina Gladych ( www.ilc-cyprus.com )



My Free, Introductory Coaching Conversation Explained!

What would it be like if you had MORE EASE in your life? What might happen to your ‘issues’ and struggles and problems, for example? How might ALL your relationships get better? And what more might you get to create?

Wanna find out?

Because a transformative coaching conversation with me helps, supports and transforms. It helps you to Find Your Answers. For Your Life. Within YOU. A sharing of The 3 Principles understanding, it works where self-help strategies, ‘positivity’ practices and other Outside-In misunderstandings do not. More ease, basically:

  • With yourself: it helps with your anxiety, fear, and uncertainty
  • At work: it helps with your clarity, focus, and resilience
  • In relationships: simply, it helps you be you

And this is your chance to see / feel / know this directly for yourself, for free…


My Name is Steve M Nash, I’m a Transformative Coach…

Hi, Steve here – just in case you need to read more, before finding out for yourself.

Steve M Nash smiling (c) 2013Right now I seem to help those ill at ease with themselves (or their lives) to find peace of mind (e.g. stressed, anxious, overwhelmed types).

By an unwavering pointing to the innate health and wisdom that is inside us all, via sharing The 3 Principles (aka Inside-Out understanding), I help women and men find their answers, their wisdom, or even ‘themselves’ again – their innate OKAYness.

I could help you, too, find an ‘ease within’ – a natural, innate ease – that can literally transform your life. Problems stop being problems; issues dissolve; life opens up. And people/situations/life all become a lot ‘friendlier’; you enjoy being you more…

albert einstein quote intuitive mind | transformative coachingReady to have a direct experience of transformative coaching (FOR FREE)?


…And I trained with renowned author and transformative coach, Michael Neill, on his Supercoach Academy in 2014 – in case you were wondering – a 9-month (plus) international transformative coach training.



Is The First Conversation REALLY Free?

And if so, what’s the catch?

Both good questions. (Seems 3 Principles coaching CAN get very expensive!)

But, the first, introductory coaching conversation with me is always free. And there is no catch. I simply want you to experience transformative coaching with me, directly. And we will ONLY continue working together, should it feel right for you, and for me, to do so. Simple as that.

And should we both decide to work together (I’ll email you a coaching proposal afterwards, with my fees):

  • I always offer a Pay What You Can option for 1, 2 or 3 more conversations
    (Typical fees paid range from £60 GBP to £150 GBP for all 3 conversations.)
  • I offer more comprehensive coaching packages too.

(Find out for yourself – have a first, free introdutory coaching conversation with me?)



Who Is This Introductory Conversation For, Anyway?

Well, it’s for you if any of the following is true for you:

  • You feel ‘troubled’ somehow – with yourself, with others, or with life
  • Or you’d like to achieve more in life or at work or in your relationships
  • Or you just want to know more about this 3 Principles understanding

You might have tried counselling or psychotherapy or other forms of coaching.

You might not have any ‘problems’ at all, just want to make the most of your life.

Then this free, introductory coaching conversation IS for you: for you to find out what can happen when someone (like me) deeply listens to you.

Why not find out for yourself, for free!

And coaching with me is available worldwide, via Skype/Zoom. (In-person coaching possible, too.) And all that is required of you is a willingness to show up: to be curious and open – to me, and to yourself.