Wisdom, Stillness, ‘Problems’… and You!

– Transformative Coaching Helps, Supports and Transforms

Hi, Steve here. Looks like you’re interested in having a ‘free, introductory coaching conversation’ with me – great stuff. An opportunity to have a direct experience of the transformative power of this 3 Principles Understanding, no less:

  • To trust and listen to yourself more,
  • To find clarity, focus and peace of mind,
  • To have better relationships with others, and with yourself
    (To find your own answers, and for life to never be the same again!)

No techniques, strategies, or advice. Just wisdom, stillness, understanding… and you!

Enter Your Details, Let’s Begin…


Notes About The Introductory Conversation:

1. There’s no selling from me, and no obligation from you
2. I’ll simply email you a coaching proposal afterwards, if it feels right
(Yes your email address is safe; it won’t be added to a mailing list.)


Coaching is available worldwide, via Skype/Zoom or phone. (In-person coaching possible, too.) And all that is required of you is a willingness to show up: to be curious and open – to me, and to yourself. Let’s begin right now, shall we!

Thank you,

PS At the very least let this be an encouragement for you to remember…

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