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Welcome home! My name is Steve M Nash, and I’m a transformative coach…

But, first things first, I’d like you to look at these words awhile!…

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About Me

Steve M Nash smiling (c) 2014Okay, let’s talk a bit about me then! I’m a man who has struggled for much of his life. I did okay at school – being a fan of authority (at the time!) – and was eventually able to graduate from Loughborough University with a degree in Mathematical Engineering. Relationships were always hard, though (before, during and after university!); computer programming jobs came and went (corporate life was not for me!); and even working for myself as a web publisher for 14+ years was a ‘struggle’.

And whilst the self-help and spirituality books helped – once I discovered them 15 years ago (aged 35) – something was still missing. Until! Until I came across Michael Neill’s Coaching From The Inside Out program in October, 2012. Fast forward two years then, and include an emmersion into the Insie Out understanding of the human experience (aka The Three Principles), and…

And I graduated from Michael Neill’s highly esteemed Supercoach Academy in September, 2014 to become a certified transformative coach.

Michael Neill’s Supercoach Academy 2014…

Supercoach Academy 2014 Certified BadgeI’m a certified transformative coach.  My transformative coach training officially started Jan 2014 and completed in Sept. 2014. (Read the feedback I got from my peers, here!)

It’s all about the grounding, though – deepening your understanding of the 3 Principles, your understanding of how life actually works – what authentic happiness, authentic living really means. And so my training actually began in Oct. 2012, when I bought and listened to Michael Neill’s Coaching from the Inside Out program.

Just in case you were wondering! (Note: details of the training here!))

And now I know that I am the answer. (That’s the best way I can put it.) I understand where my ‘being human’ experience comes from, and I am more myself than I have ever been. Liberated from my troubles whilst still experiencing them from time to time. Fantastic!


Let’s Talk ABOUT YOU, Now – About Being Human

About You: 1. Understand That YOU THINK!…

…Ah, I love those inspirational quotes and questions (about being human) – authentic happiness writ large, maybe. So where were we? Ah yes, as I was saying before I started talking about myself, I’d like to assist your growth as a wonderful human being, I’d like to assist your personal transformation.

So how can I do that then?

Simple, really. I can explain (as best I can) what it means to be you, to be uniquely human as you are. And I can do that via one-to-one transformative coaching, via the Connections Now! newletter, or via the transformative conversations you’ll find here…

And it all begins with these startlingly unstartling facts of human life:

  • FACT: People think (and they take their thinking seriously)
  • People’s states of mind vary (they have good moods & bad moods)
  • Thus people rarely access their full creative potential, their innate wisdom
  • And people do not recognise they are enough, as is, try to change their moods
  • FACT: Unguided by wisdom (too much thinking) people try to ‘control’ life instead


The Reason You Are Here?…

Why are you here – on this website, on this planet – right now?
Or what’s troubling you the most these days? Or… what
single thing would you most like to get some help with?
Select your main reason for being here below…

(Or, if your reason/question not listed in this pull-down!…)
OTHER: Share your main reason for being here – I’ll
do my best to give you a personalised, guiding answer!



Introducing The 3 Principles…

The thing is, there are 3 Principles that fully describe the human experience, that pretty much no-one understands, no-one ‘gets’. And because of this – because people don’t know any better than to take their thinking seriously – the inevitable ups and downs of life often lead to people becoming defensive, fearful, closed down, angry, controlling and manipulative, etc.

(And do I really need to explain the damage caused from acting from this place of ‘less’? The evidence of it is all around to see, alas.)

And this mis-understanding thus spurns a huge self-help industry to deal with these symptoms of ‘faulty thinking’. But the self-help never really works, because it’s looking for the answer in the wrong place. And on and on it goes. (Oops!)


Examples of Thoughts That People Take Seriously…

I’m frightened!, I’m different!, Everyone’s against me!,
I’ve got low self-esteem!, I’m lonely!, What if I fail?,
Wish people liked me!, I don’t like myself!, I don’t like people!,
If only THAT hadn’t happened to me!, I wish I had his life!,
I wish I looked like her!, Wish I was a better Mum!,
Wish I was a Dad!, Why me?, I got it wrong again!

Now I’m not saying stop thinking, because – being human! – that’s not practical(!), nor am I saying that you need to think positively.

Instead, simply recognise that these are just thoughts – thoughts that EVERYONE has, every now and then – and you don’t need to take them seriously! Understand that is a better way to navigate through life…

You aren’t afraid of what you think you’re afraid of
– you’re afraid of what you think!
Michael Neill


About You: 2. Understand You Are Enough (Right Now!)…

What greater personal transformation could anyone experience than the simple (but true) realisation that: “I am enough!”? So my job – if you’ll alllow me – is to help you see that ‘better way’ for yourself, to help you see that you ARE enough, as is.

Yes, my job is to engage in a meaningful conversation with you about the experience of being human, is to help you see the true nature of YOUR human experience for yourself.

A better way might look like this, then:

  • To be guided through life via insights and inner wisdom.
  • To be yourself more.
  • To fear less and love more.
  • To be okay with the ups and downs of life, but to take part 100% anyway.
  • (Yes, to show up more as who you are!)
  • To live a wonderful life…

Or something like that.

What happens next, now the conversation has started, really is up to you!


Thank you for visiting my transformational coaching site. Thank you for reading my words. Thank you for being you.

With love,

Image of Steve M Nash (Personal Transformation)
Transformative Coach &
Editor of SelfHelpCollective.com

PS If any of this makes sense (or if none of it makes sense) then I’d love it if you’d get in touch. And said ‘hello’. Yes, that would be nice!

PPS Still don’t know what this site is about. Watch this video!