Why Are YOU Here?…

And What Do You Know of The 3 Principles Understanding?

An “innocent misunderstanding” transformed me, forever, as soon as I saw it for myself. Life made sense, finally; I was at ease, free! All after living a mostly ‘troubled’ life, 3 years of pschotheraphy, and 15 years of self-help & spirituality books.

That direct ‘seeing’ can do the same for you, too, if you let it – whoever you are.

So, who are you and why are you here? Not ‘what’s your life-purpose?’, or any of that other goal-setting, positive-thinking self-growth schtick. Just you, a human being, here. Why? And what do you know of this innocent misunderstanding? I’m curious. Maybe you are, too. Curious. Even if it’s simply about what YOU can do here

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1. What Can You DO Here? (By The Numbers…)

This is my very human guide to the 3 Principles understanding.

And, at last time of counting, I found the following, helpful and supportive resources – created by me, for your human delight and delectation:


  • 125+ transformative, inspirational life quotes
    – Example quote from Sydney Banks, no less: “If the only thing people learned was not to be afraid of their experience, that alone would change the world.”


  • 52+ videos on the 3 Principles (Inside-Out Understanding)
    – An example random video (of 8) is included below [refresh for another]…



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2. Are You Aware of this “Innocent Misunderstanding”?

Or rather, what type of human being are YOU? There are 3 types, I find.

1. The type that takes NO responsibility for their life (e.g. the victim and/or bully).

2. The type that takes SOME responsibility, sometime (e.g. the typical human being).

3. The type that is aware of the “innocent misunderstanding”, and so is able to (most of the time) take 100% responsibility for the life they experience (e.g. the free spirit, the creative, or the liberated soul – a.k.a. The Human Adult)


Chances are high that you’re a 2., but developing and deepening your awareness of the 3 Principles understanding WILL help you become more a 3. (I promise.)

* Even if you’re STRUGGLING… with anger, or feeling ‘lost’, or overwhelm

* Or maybe life’s been easy, but now it isn’t, or you can’t see the point.

The understanding shared here CAN, will help you, if you can be curious about it…


3. The Magic Number: How Can I Help & Support You?

Yes, let me ask you again, why are you here?

And what do you know of this “innocent misunderstanding”, the missing link that is the Principle of Thought?

You can contact me here – and let me know!

My name is Steve M Nash, and I want to thank you for visiting, for reading, and watching… Welcome!

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PS Help me SUPPORT you? 

You see, I’ve created several short, quick-to-read PDF guides about the Inside-Out Understanding (3 Principles), including:

  • 4-Page Guide: What if Nothing is ‘Wrong’?
  • 1-Page Guide to Self-Esteem
  • 1-Page Guide to the BEST 3 Principles Resources
  • 1-Page Guide to ‘Practicing the Principles’

And you can download them, for free, here (no email address required)