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“I had a life changing breakthrough
in just ONE session working with Steve”

R. said that, after a single (free) introductory 3 Principles coaching conversation with me in the summer of 2015. (We literally had a 45 minute introductory conversation, where I listened and made some suggestions (which he dutifully followed), and two weeks later, in a 15 minute follow-up call, his life was no longer the same.)

It’s not always that dramatic, though, as you’ll see below on this 3 Principles transformative coaching testimonials page. (All reprinted with permission.)

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And if you are at all interested in my coaching – what it’s about, how it works etc. (clue: it’s all about the Inside Out nature of the human experience) – then check out these pages:


More 3 Principles Coaching Testimonials

The following Three Principles coaching testimonials cover the following themes:

  • Work / Success,
  • Relationships,
  • Lasting Happiness
  • Peace Of Mind / Clarity, and
  • Emotional Well-being


“I am less afraid to show up for my life.”

…The outside situation has not changed much over three weeks, but I can see it with more clarity and approach it with more grace. My experience has a much lighter feeling to it as the result. I am less afraid to show up for my life. There is more ease in the “low” moments, more laughter and joy in the “high” times, and more peace in between.

– Lik Fenix., Germany


 “Our work absolutely surpassed my expectations.”

I do not guess where books are leading, I do not read the back cover. I had no expectations of the coaching, just hopes… The hopes were fulfilled. In a few sessions I have gone from a mind full of research and ideas to a clarity of the principles that surprised and delighted me.

– Christopher B., Geneva, Switzerland


 “I had a life changing breakthrough in just one session…”

I contacted Steve for the relationship issue that I was dealing with between my wife and my sister. (They hadn’t spoken for close to 6 months and the situation was bad to an extent that it was damaging my as well as my parents health.) I spoke to Steve for about an hour and within such a short time, he understood my world and provided me with relevant insights and very nicely put the top 3 things for me to try in an email.

I went through the email everyday and within 2 weeks I got big breakthrough when my sister came to my house and spoke at length to clarify and start a new relationship with my wife. This was followed next day by a surprise party for us. I can’t ask for more.

In the entire process,  I gained a lot of freedom in other areas of my life and I have never been so happy in my life.  It feels awesome. Thanks to the 3 principles and Steve to have it nailed in just one session.

– R., Mumbai, India

STEVE NOTE: All I suggested to R., by the way, was for him to stop trying to work it out – to see what happens when he lets go of trying to solve the problem. Which he did. Rather successfully, it seems – I followed up with him, briefly, 2 weeks later.


 “Nothing had changed but [I see things differently]”

Time and time again [Steve] gently guided me to look towards my own wisdom…

As I chatted easily to [my difficult colleague] yesterday I realised I’d had a total shift in my perception of the situation. Nothing had changed but how I saw her was totally different, with a vulnerability and kindness I ‘d totally overlooked…

I would wholeheartedly recommend Steve as a Transformative Coach.

– Helen B., UK


“Nothing has to be forced…”

The thing that stands out the most for me is you saying nothing has to be forced. If something happens it happens, if it doesn’t, it doesn’t. I felt so relieved to hear that. All the pressure is taken off and I just have to be me and not worry about doing something or getting somewhere.

– Jennifer, Canada


“It wasn’t so much about finding an answer, more a letting go…”

[Steve] is very good at allowing me to sit in my vulnerability and stay with it, even if at times I felt like hiding, his grounded presence helps me stay with the feeling, always encouraging with such gentleness and patience and checking if I was ok to continue without any pressure for a result.

It wasn’t so much about finding an answer, more about a letting go, like creating a clearing to let in some light. I can highly recommend working with him.

– Alison, Glastonbury, UK


Learn More About 3 Principles Coaching?

Again, if you’d like to experience more clarity, peace of mind, and ease in life; if you’d like to experience your confidence (that’s always there), whether in relationships or at work; or whether you’d just like to start having some fun again (yes, please!), to start enjoying being yourself again. Well…

All of this is possible (and more) via the transformative understanding you get from 3 principles coaching:

– You can learn more about transformative coaching here!
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“Steve helped me to find inner peace again.”

Coaching sessions with Steve were a turning point for me. For long period of time I was suffering from depressions triggered by my health condition and I wasn’t able to find the way out of my despair and hopelessness.

But after only a few sessions with Steve I felt very calm and peaceful and gradually over the few days I even started to feel happy again.

Steve helped me to find inner peace again.

– Michelle S., Slovakia


“What a wonderful session.”

Steve’s approach to coaching is unique, intelligent and deeply perceptive.

– Beth, Todmorden, UK



3 Principles Coaching Testimonials: About Me

And the following transformative coaching testimonials are about my clients’ experience of me – of me as a transformative coach, and of me as a human being…

“Relax into a safe space…”

[Steve’s] easy going manner and huge smile, immediately invite you to relax into a safe space, which by the way I never thought would be possible via Skype!

Time and time again he gently guided me to look towards my own wisdom…

– Helen B., UK

Steve has a very gentle and kind approach. His presence helped me to create the space for myself and hold that space long enough to built a foundation for it. Through our sessions, Steve guided me in recognizing and learning to trust my inner wisdom which exists in that space.

– Lik Fenix., Germany

Steve is a very genuine person – honestly I haven’t met such a person in my life

– R., Mumbai, India

I think you are great at this and many, many people will find your style, lovely spirit, and  presence so helpful.

– Penelope, USA

I was expecting someone who would tell me they could solve all my problems…

[Instead,] our session felt more like a conversation with a friend than anything more formal, although I was aware that you were subtly guiding it.

–  Beth, Todmorden, UK

I felt safe enough to share with him things about myself that I haven’t told anyone before. It wasn’t asked for, it just seemed a natural thing to do, as if I was talking to a confidant that I had known for years.

– Alison, Glastonbury, UK


3 Principles Coaching Testimonials: Your Turn?

You know, the wonderful thing about 3 principles coaching – of looking inside – is the experience of listening to a client for their wisdom, seeing it, and then seeing that they see it for themselves; then the ‘problem’ dissolves away…

It is truly a humbling experience, 3 principles coaching, and a privilege to be with someone in a time of need (or a time of growth) and to show that person that they already have all they need…

(YES, it can take courage and commitment to let go of the old and let in the new!…)



If 3 principles coaching sounds interesting to you, then please do get in touch!