Live More, Laugh More, Think Less?

Question: What type of human being are YOU? The type that takes 100% responsibility for the life you experience, maybe? Or…

Or maybe ‘life’ is okay but you know it could all be so much better(Maybe you’ve heard about the three principles understanding and just want to learn more!)

Or, you’d like a life of ease: to find your mojo, to be comfortable in your own skin?…


Create, Love & LIVE MORE – Care, Stress & THINK LESS?

Yes, whatever the ‘problem’ you find yourself facing – too much tiredness/fatigue, no work/life balance, life feels out of control, life is NOT fulfilling, or something else is ‘wrong’ – please do keep reading. My name is Steve M Nash, and I’m here to tell you there’s an answer. And that answer is YOU:

  • Can YOU imagine being comfortable with uncertainty?
  • Imagine always knowing where to look for answers, being okay being wrong, being okay with ALL your experiences of life?
  • Can you imagine taking 100% responsibility for your life, even?



…Well, all that IS available for you, right now – one thought away – via YOU and your understanding of the 3 Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought. Whatever’s going on for you! Whether it’s RELATIONSHIP issues, or it’s HEALTH concerns, or it’s MONEY worries, or you’re simply wanting PEACE OF MIND… And ALL helped by 3 simple steps:

1. Take your thinking less seriously (take things less personally)
RESULTS: You have more peace of mind, you worry less, and you get to feel more comfortable in your own skin   [Principle of Thought]

2. Become more aware of differing possibilities (increase awareness)
RESULTS: You have more perspective, you get stuck less, and you have more insights/ideas and breakthroughs   [ Principle of Consciousness ]

3. Allow inspiration and new insights to be your guide (access wisdom)
RESULTS: You start  to trust more, you fear less, and you get to live a more inspired and creative life [ Principle of Mind ]

Sound good? Thought so. Please keep exploring, then, as I share with you The Three Principles behind the human experience (aka The Inside-Out Understanding).



Thank you again, and welcome.


Steve M Nash image (c) 2014 | Hebden Bridge

PS Help me SUPPORT you! 

You see, I’ve created several short, quick-to-read PDF guides about the Inside-Out Understanding (3 Principles), including:

  • 4-Page Guide: What if Nothing is ‘Wrong’?
  • 1-Page Guide to Self-Esteem
  • 1-Page Guide to the BEST 3 Principles Resources
  • 1-Page Guide to ‘Practicing the Principles’

And you can download them, for free, here (no email address required)