Unstoppable YOU: Revealed!…

– Understand The 3 Principles Behind Life, Transform Yours!

Imagine being comfortable with uncertainty. Imagine always knowing where to look for answers, being okay being wrong, being okay with ALL your experiences of life. Imagine all this, then, as I welcome you to SMNash.com. Because…

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…That’s all available right now – one thought away – via your understanding of the 3 Principles of Mind, Conciousness and Thought. Helped by 3 simple steps:

1. Take your thinking less seriously
[Principle of Thought]

2. Become more aware of differing possibilities
[Principle of Consciousness]

3. Allow inspiration and new insights to be your guide
[Principle of Mind]

Sound good? Thought so. Please keep reading then, as I share with you The Three Principles behind the human experience (aka The Inside Out Understanding).


The Three Principles Understanding: 3 More Steps

The Inside-Out understanding is deceptively simple, and WILL feel familiar to you – especially if you’ve done any kind of ‘work’ on yourself (e.g. self-development, meditation and mindfulness, spiritual journeying etc).

Still, once you start to really ‘get’ the Inside-Out understanding… well your life, and the world you live in, completely changes. Forever. Snap-of-a-finger, just like that!

So here are 3 steps I’d like you to take right now, to help you get (and deepen) your understanding of how life really works (from the Inside-Out):


Before I leave you, there’s one last thing I’d like to say.

I wish I could show you when you are lonely or
in darkness the astonishing light of your own being.
– Hafiz [More inspirational life quotes]

Yes, that this really is why I am here, and why I created this website. To help you see how powerful you are, to guide you towards peace of mind, to help you find the answers that are always waiting within. And helping you thus, helps me thus…

Thank you again, and welcome.


Why Are You Here Anyway?…

Why are you here – on this website, on this planet – right now?
Or what’s troubling you the most these days? Or… what
single thing would you most like to get some help with?


1. Are you here because of your feelings?

Are you feeling ? (More feelings discussed here!)


2. Are you here to make an ‘impact’?

Do you have that feeling that there’s more to you, more to
life? Is now time for you to contribute and share your gift?
Find out how to make an impact!


3. Just want to know more about being human?

Do you know a little about The Three Principles (as formulated
by Syd Banks) and want to deepen your understanding?
Schedule a free, introductory coaching session!